25 Long Christmas Nails for a Festive Season!


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long Christmas nails by Very Easy Makeup
Long Christmas Nails

As the holiday season beckons, it’s time to go beyond decking the halls—why not embellish your nails with designs that sparkle like freshly fallen snow? After scouring Instagram’s treasure trove of nail art, I’ve curated the most dazzling long Christmas nail ideas.

Join me on this merry journey as I share the best long Christmas nail designs and ideas! Once you get your new holiday nails, you’ll be ready to embrace the holiday season in full swing!

1. Candy Canes and Bambee

long Christmas nails
Image via @nailsbyvickyt

These long square Christmas nails are so, so cute! Plus, you can embrace icicles with these long Christmas nail designs too!

2. Pink Frost

pink snowman nails
Image via @dawn.marie_nails

For super cute and long Christmas nails, go with pink nails with snowflakes, snow, and a snowman. These pink long Christmas nails are so darling!

3. Emerald Green and Gold

winter nail designs
Image via @cheyennesnails_

These holiday nails are great for all winter long!

4. Peppermint and Sparkles

Red and white are two of the best Christmas nail polish colors. Combine these colors to make candy canes, snowflakes, and colorful speckles.

5. Purple Hearts, Bows, and Snowflakes

If you want long holiday nails that are perfect for wearing all winter long, then go with non-Christmas colored nails, like these!

6. Christmas Red and White Glam

These long coffin nails for Christmas are cherry and unique! If you love these Christmas long coffin nails, then check out these coffin nail designs!

7. Snowflakes, Swirls, and Sparkly Red

These long Christmas nails are perfect for cold winter nights. Plus, the red and white Christmas nail designs would look great with a cream or red Christmas sweater!

8. Ruby Glitter and Peppermint Crush

Image via @ksnailedit

These long Christmas nails with a candy cane, snowflakes, and a Christmas bow are so fancy and fun! 😍😍😍

9. Reindeer and Sparkles

reindeer nails
Image via @paznokcieinspoo

These long almond-shaped Christmas nails are classy! If you love reindeer, check out these reindeer nails.

10. Red with a French Tip Splash

Image via @paznokcieinspoo

For simple and elegant long Christmas nails, paint all except one of your nails with red polish. Then, draw on snowflakes or white dots for snow. On your ring finger, paint your nails in a nude color and paint a French Tip at the end. Then, finish up with white dots for snow as well!

11. Bambi and Rhinestones

These pointy and long Christmas nails are so cute! You’ll feel like a princess with these holiday nails. 🦌🦌🦌🦌 These long stiletto Christmas nails are fun and cheerful too!

12. Peppermint and Plaid

Image via @hnnailsbyhoney

For long acrylic Christmas nails that incorporate French Tips, you can have the tip of your nails incorporate the Christmas designs! These long red Christmas nails are a pure joy to look at!

13. Pink Candy Canes

Image via @nailfilinaa

These pink candy cane nails are so cute!! You’ll love how these long Christmas nails look! 🩷This long Christmas nail idea is one of my favorites!

14. Light Pink with Bows

These long nails are great if you want to get in the Christmas spirit without rocking bright colors!

15. Girly Pink

These pink and white long Christmas nails are so girly and fun!

16. Pointed with Holiday Cheer

long pointed Christmas nails
Image via @ceenails102

These Christmas nails make a statement! These long and pointy Christmas nails will definitely stand out! 🤩🥰

17. Ho, Ho, Ho

These plaid Christmas nails with red and white designs are fun and festive!

18. Lilo and Stitch

These long Christmas nails with Lilo and Stich are so cute! ❄️🎄These long square holiday nails are perfect if you love Disney!

19. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty long ballerina Christmas nails
Image via @nailfilinaa

Can you have Hello Kitty nails for Christmas? You bet! These Hello Kitty ballerina nail designs are so cute and fun!

20. Festive Tips

These French Tip long Christmas tails look so elegant!

21. Ruby Red and White

These long Christmas nails are so pretty! Have one nail be ruby red, have two nails be ruby red with snowflakes, have one nail be peppermint swirls, and one nail (your middle finger) be white with rhinestones near the base.

22. Lime Green and Red

These lime green and red long Christmas nails are unexpectedly fun and unique!

23. Classic Twist

Going with a dark red nail polish with white designs is always a good look! These long square Christmas nail designs look great on women with darker skin and lighter skin alike! 🦌🛷☃️🧣

24. Gingerbread Men and Holiday Spirit

These cute, long Christmas nails with gingerbread men are so cute!! You can recreate these long Christmas nails with gel art and gel paint from honeysnailsecret.com.

25. The Grinch That Stole Christmas

The Grinch Christmas nails
Image via @nailfilinaa

For fun and unique long Christmas nails, why not go with The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who?! These long square Christmas nails are cute!

Long Christmas Nails on Etsy

If you want easy DIY long Christmas nails, you can buy them on Etsy!

Check out the link below to shop.


In summary, the options are endless when it comes to long Christmas nails! Which Christmas nail design is your favorite? Please leave a comment below!

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long Christmas nails by Very Easy Makeup
Long Christmas Nails

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