25 Disney Christmas Nail Designs to Spark Your Holiday Spirit!


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Are you ready for some serious Disney magic? Whether you’re gearing up for a holiday trip to the most enchanted place on earth or just want that extra sprinkle of joy this season, Disney Christmas nails are the ultimate mood lifter!

Whether you’re all about Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, Minnie Mouse’s iconic style, or any other Disney character stealing your heart, there’s nothing quite like rocking those Disney-inspired Christmas nail designs. Get ready to be dazzled because I’ve gathered the absolute best and most popular Disney Christmas nail designs that’ll turn your fingertips into a festival of pure Disney delight. Let’s dive right in and sprinkle some holiday magic onto those nails! 🎅💅✨

Tis the Season!

Disney Christmas nails with Mickey
Image via @findingmillys

These cheerful Disney Christmas nails with Mickey Mouse are so cute!! You can incorporate Mickey Mouse into Christmas lights or Christmas wreaths!

Minnie and Mickey Party

Mickey Mouse Jewels

These 3D Disney nails are so cool and unique! These Disney coffin nails are perfect if you love red and white nails with a little bit of silver!

French Tip

French Tip Disney Christmas nails
Image via @blushnailscln

These French Tip Disney Christmas nails are elegant and simple! Three of your nails have white French Tips, while your two middle nails feature Minnie Mouses and snowflakes!

Celebrate the Holidays

Disney Christmas nails
Image via Etsy

These Disney Christmas press-on nails can be worn for up to two weeks and are the BOMB!

Holiday Sweater Disney Nails

Disney Christmas nails
Image via Etsy
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These Disney holiday nails are so much fun! These Disney Christmas nails are perfect if you love long coffin-shaped nails and if you want French tip nails! You’ll love the white French tip sweater designs with snowflakes and the Mickey-shaped crystals on these nails.

Unbelievably Festive

These Disne Christmas nails are so festive! These nails incorporate Christmas lights (in the shape of Mickey Mouse of course!), snowflakes, snowflakes, and a Minnie Mouse Christmas wreath! ❤️💚

Mickey Mouse in Santa Costume!

acrylic Disney Christmas nails
Image via @servicesbyang

These medium-length Disney acrylic Christmas nails are so cute! These Christmas nails have Mickey Mouse in a cute Santa Claus Suit and Mickey Mouse ears hiding in the Christmas wreaths! 😍👏

Very Mickey Christmas

Disney Christmas nails with gel
Image via @nxnwnails

These Disney Christmas nails are relatviely easy to do with a gel manicure! For these Disney Christmas nail designs, have three of your fingers painted in a sparkly nail polish color, like red, silver, and red. Then, have one finger with Mickey Mouse (with a Santa hat!) and one finger with snowflakes.

Simple and Fun

Disney Christmas nails
Image via @lexi.loves.nails

These simple and fun Disney Christmas nails are so cute! These Christmas nails are one of my favorite Christmas nail designs!

Holiday Lights and Mickey

clear Disney Christmas nails
Image via @sierrasnails_

These simple Disney Christmas nails can be hand-painted onto your nails! Start with a clear base, and then draw on holiday lights. For one (or two, or three!) of your nails, have the Christmas holiday lights in the shape of Mickey Mouse!

Mickey and Magic

sparkly Disney Christmas nails
Image via @nailartbyjen

These Disney holiday nails are so pretty!

Holiday Delights

These Disney Christmas nail designs include a little bit of everything: Mickey Mouse, Christmas trees, holiday wreaths, and sparkly green nail polish!

Simple and Cute

These simple and cute Disney Christmas nails are perfect for the holidays! 🤩

Mickey and a Gingerbread House

You will love these Disney nail designs! You’ll love incorporating a Gingerbread house, Holly and Mickey reindeer, and Mickey lights and Christmas balloons! ❄️

Winnie the Pooh

These Disney Christmas nails with Winnie the Pooh are truly one of a kind!

Chip N’ Dale

Disney Chip N Dale Christmas nails
Image via @toplinenails

These red and white Disney nail designs with Chip N’ Dale are so cute! Plus, these nail designs look great on long square tip nails!

Best Disney Christmas Nail Stickers

If you are searching for Disney Christmas nail stickers, I recommend the stickers below:

These Disney nail stickers get excellent reviews and come in cute Christmas designs, like holiday lights with Mickey Mouse, Christmas wreaths with Mickey Mouse, and candy canes with Mickey Mouse!


In summary, there are so many cute Disney Christmas nail designs to choose from. From the classic Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse to more unique designs like Winnie the Pooh and Tinker Bell, the options are endless!

Which Disney Christmas nail idea do you like the most? Please leave a comment below!

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