The Allure of Braids with Curls: 25 Ideas to Inspire!


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Guess what’s been trending in the world of hairstyles? Braids with curly ends! 🌟 Imagine combining the grace of braids with the liveliness of curls – it’s like the best of both worlds came together.

If you are searching for braids with curls and ideas for your next hairdo, you are in the right place! Continue scrolling to find lots of inspiration for your new look.

What Are Braids with Curls?

Braids with curls blend structure and flow, combining tradition and modern style. The result is a confident and alluring hairstyle, suitable for chic updos or flowing curls. This style is a top choice for those who love a balanced mix of elegance and movement.

Braids with Curls: Ideas to Inspire You!

You’ll love all of these ideas for braids with curly ends! From goddess braids with curls to Fulani braids with curls to knotless box braids with covers, you’ll find lots of ideas below!

1. Fulani Braids with Curls

Green balayage hair is so, so pretty! Perfect if you have black hair and want to switch things up.

2. Box Braids with Curly Ends

3. Goddess Braids with Curly Ends

4. Knotless Braids with Curls

5. Boho Knotless Braids with Curls

6. Box Braids with Curls

7. Long Braids with Curls vs. Without

8. Box Braids with Curls and Beads

A little bit of green color in short, wavy black hair looks so pretty! You can get this exact color combo using Joico Color Intensity in Peacock Green (from Walmart!).

9. Short Braids with Curly Ends

short braids with curly ends
Image via @sasheamari

10. Blue and Blonde Braids with Curls

11. Fulani Braids with Curly Ends

12. Tribal Braids with Curls

13. French Curly Knotless Braids with Curls on the Bottoms

14. Braids with Curls Coming Out

15. Mid Jumbo Goddess Braids with Curls

mid Jumbo goddess braids with curls
Image via @tinny_hairdresser

16. Tribal Braids with Curls at the Ends

tribal braids with curls
Image via @debrahhair

17. Fox Brown Knotless Braids with Curls

fox brown knotless braids with curls
Image via @debrahhair

18. Braids with Curls and Beads for Kids

braids with curls and beads for kids
Image via @goddess.handz

19. Short Braids with Curls at the End

20. Gypsy Braids with Curls at the Ends (Blonde)

blonde gypsy braids with curls
Image via @braidsjosi

21. Medium Length Braids with Lots of Curls

medium length braids with curly ends
Image via @kabohair_bw

22. Brown Goddess Braids with Curly Ends

brown goddess braids with curly ends
Image via @braidsjosi

23. Large Goddess Braids with Curly Ends

24. Knotless Box Braids (French Curls)

knotless french braids
Image via @hawlee_creation

25. Bob Braids with Curls

Braids with Curls: Exploring Different Types

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key characteristics that set Fulani braids with curls, box braids with curls, knotless braids with curls, and tribal braids with curls apart:

Fulani Braids with Curls

Cultural Elegance: Inspired by Fulani ethnic traditions, these braids often feature a center part and symmetrical braiding patterns.

Beaded Accents: One distinguishing feature is the use of decorative beads or cowrie shells that adorn the braids.

Braided Hairline: Fulani braids incorporate thin, delicate braids along the hairline, enhancing the overall intricacy of the style.

Box Braids with Curls

Structured Aesthetics: Box braids are neatly divided into square sections, offering a clean and organized appearance.

Curl Variation: The contrast between the structured braids and the curls creates a visually dynamic look.

Classic Versatility: This style’s versatility lends itself to various updos, ponytails, and creative arrangements.

Knotless Braids with Curls

Gentle Approach: Knotless braids are known for being gentler on the scalp, thanks to their gradual start without a knot.

Natural Appeal: The seamless transition from braids to curls creates a more natural flow and aesthetic.

Less Tension: The absence of knots reduces tension at the base of the braids, making it a more comfortable option for many.

Tribal Braids with Curls

Bold Patterns: Tribal braids often feature larger, more intricate patterns that create a statement-making look.

Artistic Expression: These braids allow for creativity, as patterns and designs can be tailored to individual preferences.

Curls as Accents: Curls interspersed within the braided sections add texture and dynamic contrast.

How to Care for Braids with Curls

You’ll want to keep your braids with curls look stunning as long as possible! Below are some tips for caring for braids with curls.

1. Hydrate!

You’ll want to regularly moisturize both the braided and the curly sections of your hair. This helps to prevent dryness. A good leave-in conditioning treatment or a hair oil is a must.

For a leave-in conditioner for braids with curls, I recommend Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner Spray. You can buy it on Amazon below!

For hair oil for braids with curls, I recommend Cantu Protective Styles by Angela. You can buy this hail oil on Amazon below!

2. Wrap Your Hair at Night

When you sleep at night, wrap your hair in a satin or silk scarf. This will minimize friction and preserve your beautiful curls. You may also want to buy a satin or a silk pillowcase to prevent frizz. Amazon has a ton of affordable satin pillowcases!

3. Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

When you do wash your hair, you’ll want to use a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your scalp and braids. To make it easier to wash your hair, you may want to dilute the shampoo with water.

When washing your hair, focus on your scalp vs. your braids and curls.

A great sulfate-free shampoo for braids with curls is the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Curly Hair Shampoo. You can buy it on Amazon!

4. Apply a Lightweight Oil to Your Scalp

If your hair ever gets itchy, don’t scratch it! Instead, apply a lightweight oi.

5. Don’t Touch Your Hair

Although it can be tempting, try to refrain from touching, pulling, or tugging on your braids and curls.

6. Trim Your Hair as Needed

If the ends of your curly hair start to look damaged, go ahead and trim them to keep your hair healthy.


In conclusion, there are so many hairstyle options for braids with curls! Whether you love Fulani braids with curls, knotless braids with curls, or tribal braids with curly hair…the options are endless!

Which style of braids with curls is your favorite? Please leave a comment below!

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braids with curls by Very Easy Makeup
Braids with Curls by Very Easy Makeup

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