35 Best Halloween Costumes for Blondes


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the best costumes for blondes including Princess Aurora, Alice, and Buttercup

Best Halloween Costumes for Blondes

There are TONS of Halloween costumes for women to choose from, but what are the best costumes for blondes?

Lucky for you, this Halloween costume guide is all about the best Halloween costumes for blondes. 

Whether you have platinum blonde hair or honey blonde hair, you'll love these Halloween costume ideas for blondes!

Best Halloween Costumes for Blondes

Best of all, it's super easy to copy all of these Halloween costume ideas for women with blonde hair...because all of these Halloween costumes for blondes can be purchased on Amazon!

1. Buttercup from The Princess Bride

You can’t go wrong with Buttercup from The Princess Bride. Channel Princess Buttercup's timeless charm by wearing a medieval-style dress and adding a tiara or circlet for a touch of royal elegance.

Make sure to curl your hair with an awesome straightener or get wavy hair with this trick for The Princess Bride Halloween costume.

The Princess Bride Halloween couple for blondes with Princess Buttercup and Westley
Princess Buttercup

View Costume on Amazon

2. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Pull your hair back in two pigtails and you’ll be ready for any costume party with this sexy Harley Quinn costume for blondes. Have your hubby dress up as The Joker for a fun and sexy couples costume idea.

Harley Quinn Halloween costumes for blondes
Harley Quinn

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3. Elvira from Scarface

If you have honey-blonde hair, then consider dressing up as Elvira Hancock from Scarface for Halloween. Plus, the Elvira Hancock dress makes for a sexy costume for women.

Elvira Hancock sexy Halloween costume idea for blondes with short hair and bangs
Elvira Hancock

View Elvira Dress on Amazon

4. Princess Peach

If you love pink and have blonde hair, dress up as Princess Peach from Super Mario for Halloween! This Princess Peach costume works great for a Mario Brothers family of three Halloween costume idea too.


Princess Peach Halloween costume for blondes
Princess Peach

View Princess Beach Dress on Amazon

5. Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty is a perfect costume for blondes with long hair. Transform into Aurora with a long blonde wig, a pink or blue gown, and a tiara to complete the Disney princess look.

Disney Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty costume dress for women and blondes
Princess Aurora

View on Amazon

6. Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Alice from Alice in Wonderland is a classic costume idea for blondes. Choose from a sexy Alice costume or a sweet Alice costume. To copy this blonde Halloween costume, you can either buy the Alice in Wonderland costume or create your own with a blue dress and a white apron. Top it off with a headband and carry a plush white rabbit as a prop!

Alice in Wonderland costume dress for blondes and women
Alice in Wonderland

View on Amazon

7. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

Who doesn’t love Elle Woods? She’s smart, she’s feminine, and she goes after what she wants. Channel Elle Woods' fashionable and determined spirit by wearing a pink ensemble. Add a designer purse and pink sunglasses!

If you have a dog at home, you could dress up as a Bruiser and Elle Woods for a cute owner and dog Halloween costume idea.

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde movie Halloween costume for blondes
Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

View Legally Blonde Costume on Amazon

8. Barbie from Toy Story

Barbie is a perfect Halloween costume for blondes. You can buy the Barbie costume on Amazon or create your own DIY Barbie costume with a leotard, leg warmers, and pink heels. Check out this guide with Barbie outfit ideas too!

Barbie Halloween costume idea for blondes with Ken
Barbie from Toy Story

View Barbie Costume on Amazon

9. Sandy from Grease

“You’re the One That I Want!” Or in this case…dressing up as Sandy from Grease is the Halloween costume that you’ll want if you are blonde with curly hair. Transform into Sandy from "Grease" by wearing a black off-the-shoulder top, tight pants, a leather jacket, and red heels for that sassy edge.

Sandy from Grease costume idea for blondes with curly hair
Sandy from Grease

View Sandy Costume on Amazon

Buy the Sandy Costume for Blondes or Create Your Own

10. Cher from Clueless

If you were born in the 80s you probably grew up loving Clueless from 1995. Cher from Clueless is a cute costume idea for blondes. It also works well for a Dionne and Cher costume idea for teenage girl best friends. Check out this Cher from Clueless costume guide for more ideas!

Cher from Clueless Halloween costume for blondes
Cher from Clueless

View Cher Costume on Amazon

11. Sarah Sanderson from Disney's Hocus Pocus

This is my FAVORITE Halloween costume idea for blondes. Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus is the best Halloween costume for blondes to wear this year. I LOVE this costume, and it is so much fun!

Halloween Costume for Blondes Hocus Pocus
Fun and Flirty!

View on Amazon

12. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

To dress up as the Mother of Dragons, wear a long blonde wig with waves and choose flowing, ethereal gowns. Don't forget to carry a dragon figurine or prop to complete the look. This is a great Halloween costume for platinum blondes.

13. Marilyn Monroe

For the Marilyn Monroe allure, style your hair in soft curls, wear a white halter dress, and apply bold red lipstick.

14. Barbie from Barbie Movie

Transform into a living Barbie by donning a pink outfit with matching accessories, and carry a Barbie box or logo for added authenticity. Check out these Barbie movie outfits for ideas on what to wear!

15. Goldilocks

Channel the beloved storybook character Goldilocks by styling your hair in loose curls and wearing a yellow dress. Don't forget to carry a stuffed bear as your accessory.

16. Rapunzel

To become Rapunzel, sport a long blonde wig and dress in a purple gown. Add the finishing touch with a braided hairstyle. For a super cute Disney couple costume idea, dress up as Rapunzel and Flynn! Check out this costume guide with cute Disney couple's costumes for inspiration!

17. Cinderella

Capture Cinderella's essence by wearing a light blue ballgown, a tiara, and adding glass slipper props for that fairytale look. Check out this DIY Cinderella costume guide with the BEST Disney Cinderella dress for women!

18. Fleur Delacour

To transform into Fleur Delacour, don a long blonde wig with loose waves, a light blue Beauxbatons Academy gown with lace accents, and accessorize with a butterfly hair clip, elegant earrings, and a choker necklace. Check out this Fleur Delacour Yule Ball dress guide and this Fleur Delacour costume guide for ideas on what to wear!

19. Glinda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz

To dress up as Glinda for Halloween, don a pink or white gown (form Amazon), wear a crown, and carry a magical wand as your enchanting prop.

20. Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love

Exude goddess vibes with a flowing white gown, gold jewelry, and a seashell prop for added charm. The great thing about this blonde Halloween costume is that you can make it as sexy as you want!

21. Elsa from Frozen

For a magical transformation into Elsa, sport a long blonde wig, don an ice-blue gown, and add a snowflake headband to complete the look. Check out this DIY Elsa Halloween costume guide for more ideas!

22. Marilyn Monroe

To dress up as the iconic Marilyn Monroe, style your hair in a classic bob with curls, don a white halter dress, and apply red lipstick for that timeless glamour.

23. Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen

To become Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen, don a Spider-Gwen costume with a blonde wig and accessorize with a mask and web-shooter prop for a heroic touch. Check out this Spider-Gwen costume try-on to see how cool this Halloween costume is!

24. Unicorn

Shine as a glitter unicorn by wearing a unicorn onesie or costume, adding unicorn-themed makeup, and sporting a horn headband for a magical look. This is a great DIY Halloween costume for blondes (or for women with any color of hair!).

25. Tinkerbell

Emulate Tinkerbell's enchanting aura by styling your hair with a top bun, donning a green fairy costume, and accessorizing with wings and a wand. Check out this Tinkerbell costume try-on (on YouTube) to see this cute Halloween costume for blondes!

26. Viking Warrior

Become a fierce Viking warrior by wearing a faux fur-trimmed Viking costume. Don't forget to top it off with a horned helmet and carry a prop sword or axe to complete the warrior vibe.

27. Serena van der Woodsen

To dress up as Serena van der Woodsen from "Gossip Girl," style your hair in loose waves. Choose high-end designer clothing in neutral or pastel colors, accessorize with statement pieces like chunky necklaces, and wear fashionable heels or boots.

28. Eleven from Stranger Things

To become Eleven, wear a pink dress with a blue zip-up jacket and add white knee-high socks with white sneakers. Optional: Carry a box of Eggo waffles for a fun prop.

29. Dolly Parton

Do you love country music festivals? If so, dressing up as Dolly Parton is the Halloween costume for you! Emulate Dolly Parton with your blonde hair styled in curls, don a sparkly country-style outfit, and add a guitar as a prop. Don't forget her signature over-the-top makeup.

30. Captain Marvel

Transform into Captain Marvel by wearing a red, blue, and gold superhero costume.

31. Bride of Chucky

Channel the Bride of Chucky with a white wedding dress stained with fake blood, tousled blonde hair, and dramatic makeup. Accessorize with a toy knife and a Chucky doll or prop.

32. Sailor Moon

Dress as Sailor Moon by wearing a sailor suit costume, a tiara, and your hair styled in long pigtails. Don't forget to carry a moon-shaped wand as her signature accessory.

33. Supergirl

Become Supergirl with a red and blue superhero costume and a cape. Accessorize with a Supergirl logo and strike heroic poses.

34. Storm from X-Men

Do you have white hair or platinum blonde? Dress up as Storm from  X-Men with a white costume and accessorize with a toy lightning bolt. Consider adding white contacts for her striking eyes

35. Regina George from Mean Girls

Dress as Regina George from "Mean Girls" by wearing trendy, pink-themed clothing, and carry a Burn Book prop with juicy gossip written inside. 

Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Blondes

If you want a list of the top 10 Halloween costumes for blondes (of all time), below are my top picks:

  1. Buttercup from The Princess Bride
  2. Harley Quinn
  3. Elvira from Scarface
  4. Princess Peach
  5. Alice from Alice in Wonderland
  6. Elle Woods
  7. Barbie
  8. Sandy from Grease
  9. Cher from Clueless
  10. Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

P.S. Do you think one of these Halloween costumes for blondes should be removed and replaced with another costume idea? If so, please leave a comment below!

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The 10 Best Costumes for Blondes
The 10 Best Costumes for Blondes

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