11 Easy Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

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maternity Halloween costumes and Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women for Halloween

Maternity Halloween Costumes

You may think you are out of luck if you are pregnant this Halloween and searching for a cute maternity Halloween costume.

Fortunately, you are in luck!

Continue reading for creative maternity Halloween costumes and fun maternity Halloween costume ideas.

These Halloween costume ideas for pregnant moms-to-be include DIY Halloween costumes, funny Halloween costume ideas, a maternity Halloween costume with a skeleton, and warm maternity Halloween costume ideas that are perfect if you live in cold climates like the UK, Canada, or the Midwest.

Best of all, these maternity Halloween costumes for sale are all on Amazon for cheap!

11 Fun and Easy DIY Maternity Halloween Costumes for Halloween 

Happy Halloween! 

1. Mike Wazowski from Disney’s Monsters Inc.

Disney Mike Wazowski maternity Halloween costume and pregnant Halloween t-shirt from Disney's Monster Inc
Super Easy Maternity Halloween Costume Idea

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This maternity costume idea includes a fun Disney t-shirt. Add black tights and shoes for a simple (and comfortable!) DIY maternity Halloween costume.

2. Pasta Chef and Prego Sauce 

fun and funny pregnancy costume for Halloween and a pregnant couple that includes pasta chef and prego sauce for a maternity Halloween costume idea that is easy
So Creative!

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This maternity Halloween costume is great for couples! It includes an apron and a chef’s hat for him and a funny “Prego” apron for her.

Being a pasta chef and a Prego pasta sauce is a funny couples Halloween costume idea for couples and pregnant women.

Prego DIY maternity Halloween costume for pregnant women
Photo by getholidayhappy

DIY Prego Maternity Halloween Costume

3. Bumble Bee 

Bumble Bee Halloween costume idea for works for pregnant women and is a creative and easy maternity costume for Halloween
So Cute!

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A cute and easy pregnant Halloween costume idea is to be a Bumble Bee!

You can do a DIY Bumble Bee maternity costume by just buying the Bumble Bee headpiece or you can buy a maternity-friendly Bumble Bee Halloween costume online from Amazon.

Bumble Bee Maternity Costume and DIY Pregnant Halloween Costume

4. Loofa n

funny and clever maternity halloween costume idea that is a loofa for pregnant women to dress up as an easy Halloween costume to buy from Amazon for sale
Easy and Funny Pregnant Halloween Costume!

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A simple (and funny!) maternity Halloween costume idea is to be a loofah! Because…why not?!

Loofah Halloween Maternity Costume and Materials for DIY Costume

5. Snowman 

cute snowman costume for pregnant woman for Halloween
Cute Snowman for Pregnant Women to Wear as a Maternity Halloween Costume

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A snowman is one of the best DIY pregnant Halloween costumes.

A sweet (and kid-friendly or teacher-friendly) Halloween costume idea for pregnant women is to be a snowman.

Simply buy a maternity snowman t-shirt from Amazon to do a DIY maternity Halloween costume.

cute snowman costume for maternity DIY Halloween Costume and pregnant woman with hat and red scarf
Snowman Maternity DIY Halloween Costume

DIY Snowman Maternity Costume Hat, Scarf, and Accessories

6. Pumpkin  

cute pregnant women dressed up as a pumpkin for a maternity easy DIY Halloween costume idea for sale on Amazon
Pumpkin T-Shirt for Pregnancy Halloween Costume

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Dressing up as a pumpkin is an easy, last-minute pregnant Halloween costume. 

One of the easiest maternity Halloween costumes is to be a pumpkin!

Add a pumpkin headpiece for a cute DIY maternity pumpkin Halloween costume.

Easy DIY Maternity Pumpkin Halloween Costume Items

7. Skeleton with Baby Skeleton 

Skeleton pregnancy t-shirt as one of the best maternity costumes and costume ideas for pregnancy women to wear on Halloween or as a family Halloween costume idea of being skeletons
Maternity Halloween Costume Skeleton

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This maternity Halloween costume is perfect for familieis! 

An easy maternity Halloween costume is to wear a maternity skeleton t-shirt with a baby skeleton!

Plus, you can easily incorporate a face mask into this Halloween costume idea!

Check out more Halloween costumes that include face masks for COVID/coronavirus.

How to Make Your Own DIY Maternity Skeleton Halloween Costume

8. Mummy Maternity Halloween Costume 

Crazy Dog funny maternity t-shirt for a maternity Halloween costume that is a pregnant skeleton as a baby skeleton for pregant women to wear on Halloween
Funnay and Creative!

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This is an easy pregnancy Halloween costume.

A super easy maternity costume is to be a mummy! Just wear a maternity mummy t-shirt and pair it with white tights!

9. Bump Ahead 

Bump Ahead caution DIY maternity costume
Photo by @ciara_gets_healthy

How to Make Your Own DIY Caution Bump Ahead Maternity Costume

10. Kangaroo Mom DIY Maternity Costume

Koala and kangaroo DIY maternity Halloween costume for pregnant women
Photo by @sramarie

Make Your Own Kangaroo Maternity Halloween Costume

11. Juno

Funny Maternity Halloween Costume Juno and Bleeker
Photo: @cierra_biles

Dressing up as Juno and Bleeker is a funny maternity couple Halloween costume idea!


Funny Halloween Pregnancy Costume T-Shirts

If you love Halloween, check out these Halloween t-shirts for pregnant women. Crazy Dog sells fun pregnant and maternity t-shirts for moms-to-be.

1. Maternity Pumpkin Baby Pregnancy T-Shirt for Fall – Halloween Jack O-Lantern Tee

funny Maternity Pumpkin Baby Pregnancy T-shirt Cute Fall Halloween Jack O Lantern Tee for Halloween and maternity costume ideas
Funny Pumpkin Baby Maternity T-Shirt for Halloween

View on Amazon

2. See You Soon! 

See You Soon funny maternity t-shirt on Amazon with baby and zipper for Halloween and fall
See You Soon! – Cute & Funny Maternity Pregnancy T-Shirt

View on Amazon

This is such as cute and fanny maternity/pregnancy t-shirt to wear on Halloween!

3. Pumpkin Smuggler 

Pumpkin Smuggler pregnancy t-shirt and maternity t-shirt for Halloween and maternity Halloween costume ideas
So Funny!

View on Amazon


In summary, there are lots of cute and easy-to-buy maternity Halloween costumes! Whether you want a DIY Halloween costumes that is super cute or a pregnancy Halloween costume on Amazon, you have options!

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