27 Genius College Dorm Room Decor Ideas to Try!

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college dorm room decor

Welcome to college!!! (or welcome back!) 

It’s time to get excited about going back to college, which means buying college dorm room essentials (don’t forget laundry detergent!), picking out the theme for your college dorm room, and getting some fun and cute college dorm room décor.

College dorms are small, but you can do a lot to add warmth and personalize your space with the right college dorm room decor.

This post covers how to decorate your dorm room with the best college dorm room décor on Amazon and other online stores.

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

College Room Decor Ideas to Transform Your College Dorm Room

Let’s make your college dorm room the best dorm room on campus! 

1. Hang Fairy Lights to Add Warmth

twinkle lights and fairy lights for college dorm room decor
Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are pretty much a college dorm room MUST-HAVE.

Copy this Dorm Room Decor Idea

Fairy lights are easy to hang (use command strips) and look beautiful when hung above your bed, over your desk, or by the window.

You can also go with mod clips above your dorm room bed.

fairy lights for college decor
Cute Fairy Lights and Mod Clips

Use white fairy lights in the summer and switch them up with orange for Halloween and red and green for Christmas.

Get these Fairy Lights:

2. Add a Rug for a Pop of Color

college dorm room decor with pink rug
Photo: HGTV

College dorm rugs can be expensive, but they completely transform a room (and cover up any stains in the carpet!).

If you don’t want to get a big area rug to cover the entire floor, go with a small rug right by your bed.

Copy this dorm room decor idea:

3. Decorate with Boho Inspired College Dorm Room Decor for Sweet Dreams 

boho college dorm room decor
Photo by @Maryleafmakes

Boho is a popular dorm room idea

Get This Boho College Dorm Room Decor

For a boho college dorm room décor, get a dream catcher, coral, pink, or orange pillows, and a boho-inspired comforter.

boho college dorm room decor
Boho Inspired Decor

Get This Boho-Inspired Dorm Room Decor

4. Use Wall Decals and Peel & Stick Wallpaper

college dorm room decor with peal and stick wallpaper polka dots
Photo by whaciendobuenasmigas

Walls decals are an easy way to decorate your dorm room wall and add daily inspiration!

Copy this Dorm Room Decor Idea:

Dormify has some really fun wallpapers too!

College Dorm Room Decor Idea with Wallpaper and String Lights
Fun Wallpaper!

View on Dormify

5. Add Throws for an Elegant Bed

college dorm room decor with throw for bed
Photo Source: Pinterest

You can completely transform your bed with a different color throw each season.

Get Similar Cozy Throws: 

6. Use Throw Pillows for a Fun Bed

college dorm room decor with pillows
Photo by Meme Hill

Throw pillows, like blankets, can be switched up each season for fun college room décor.

Copy this college dorm room idea:

7. Hang Flower Garlands for a Feminine Touch

dorm room decor flowers and mirror
Dorm Room Decor

Flower garlands are so pretty and feminine for college room décor!

You can also use greenery too.

college dorm room decor with greenery

8. Add Mirrors to Create the Illusion of Space

college dorm room decor with standing mirror
Standing Mirror

Get a hanging mirror for over the door as well as small mirrors to make a room look bigger.

9. Hang Wall Art for Inspiration

wall art for college dorm room decor
Photo by Jenny Reimold on Instagram

Wall art is a MUST for college students and college room décor. Whether you want inspirational quotes, pretty flowers, celebrity pictures, or wall art with the ocean and beach…you can find it on Amazon.

boho dorm room and college dorm room decor
Photo on Pinterest

Cute College Dorm Room Decor Wall Art

Tip: IKEA also has great, cheap picture frames!

10. Add a Desk Lamp for Light at Night

Your desk will likely have a light above it, but a desk lamp for added light will help. Get a cute one that you love!

11. Add Family and Friend Photos to a Photo Display Grid

photo display grid for college dorm room decor
Photo Display Grid

View on Amazon

Hang up photos of family and college friends with a fun and easy to hang photo display.

12. Jewelry Hanger

college dorm room decor with jewelry hanger
Jewelry Hanger

A jewelry hanger is beautiful AND makes it easy to choose what to wear each morning.

13. Place a Desk Organizer on Your Desk for Added Storage and Decorations

college dorm room decor with bookshelf above desk
Useful Bookshelf!

View on Amazon

Get a bookshelf above your desk and show then add photos and decorative items.

A bookshelf is practical and useful for college students. Plus, a bookshelf can be pretty to look at, making it perfect for college dorm room decor.

College Dorm Room Desk Organizer
Available in Other Colors Too!

Get this Desk Organizer:

14. Get an Alarm Clock with a Reading Light

college dorm room decor with alarm clock by Hatch
Cute Alarm Clock

View on Amazon

This cute alarm clock is attractive and also doubles as a smart reading light.

15. Add a Vanity Mirror to Your Desk

vanity mirror for college dorm room decor
Vanity Mirror

View on Amazon

A mirror will make it easy to apply makeup in your dorm room vs. going to the bathroom.

16. Add Throw Pillows for Warmth

College Dorm Room Decor Idea with Throw Pillow
Fun Square Pillows!

View on Dormify

Throw pillows are an inexpensive and fun way to transform any room.

Plus, you can swap out the pillows for each season!

17. Hang Up Curtains (Perfect for Sleeping In!)

Curtains can completely transform your dorm room. Add blackout curtains for weekends when you want to sleep in.

Dorm Room Blackout Curtains
Available in More Sizes and Colors Too!

View on Target

18. Transform Your Bed with a Headboard

College Dorm Room Decor Idea with White Headboard
Perfect for Twin Beds

View on Dormify

A headboard can completely transform any boring dorm room bed into a bed fit for a queen!

College Dorm Room Idea with Cushioned Headboard
Available in 5+ Colors Online

View on Dormify

Dormify has lots of super cute headboards for dorm room beds.

19. Add an Aromatherapy Diffuser

Most colleges ban candles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a dorm room that smells nice!

An aromatherapy diffuser is cute and will make your room smell nice. Plus, aromatherapy can help reduce stress.

20. Cozy Floor Pillows

Pillows aren’t just for the bed! Throw big and fluffy floor pillows on the floor for hosting movie nights in your dorm.

21. LED Neon Signs

Add some cool vibes to your room with an LED neon sign. Whether it's your name or a fun phrase, it'll instantly add a trendy touch to your decor.

22. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

Recreate the feeling of stargazing indoors by sticking glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling. It's a whimsical touch for a relaxing bedtime atmosphere.

23. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Add a pop of personality to your dorm room with peel-and-stick wallpaper. Choose from various patterns and colors to transform your walls without leaving any damage.

24. Decorative Rugs

Add a cute and fun rug beside your dorm room bed. Or, re-create the whole look of your dorm room with an awesome dorm room rug.

25. Mirrors on Your Door

A mirror on your door is perfect for making your dorm room look larger and bright! Target and Amazon have a ton of over-the-door mirrors.

26. Large, Intricate Mirror

One large, fancy-looking mirror can completely transform your dorm room! Check out these Anthropologie mirror dupes for ideas of what to buy.

27. Bulletin Board Gallery

Use a bulletin board to create a rotating gallery of inspirational quotes, artwork, and photos. It's a fantastic way to keep your space fresh and motivational.

Best Places to Buy Dorm Room Décor

If you aren’t sure where to shop for cute dorm room décor, here are my go-to recommendations!

1. Etsy for Personalized College Dorm Room Décor

If you want personalized college signage and room décor.

Check out the college dorm room décor on Etsy!

Shop Etsy

2. Dormify for Complete Matching Dorm Room Sets

Dormify has the cutest college dorm room decorations and ideas on how to decorate your dorm room!

Shop Dormify

3. Amazon for College Drom Room Décor

Amazon sells cute dorm room décor, including dorm room essentials and lots of affordable dorm room rugs.

Shop Amazon

4. Target for Everything You Need for College

Target sells basically everything you will need for college, including everything on your college packing list.

Shop Target

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