Ultimate College Packing List for 2023 (FREE Printable Checklist)

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ultimate college packing list

College Packing List

There are TONS of college packing lists and college packing checklists online, but most of them are limited to 50-75 things to pack.

But in reality...there are a LOT more items than that to pack for college!

This 195+ item college packing list includes everything that you absolutely need for college in addition to items that will super useful and handy!

Get ready for college with this 195+ultimate college packing list guide! From cozy bedding essentials and fun dorm room decor to must-have toiletries and electronics, I've got you covered. At the end of this post, check out a downloadable college packing PDF with everything you need for college. Hapy packing!🎒✨

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

College Packing List: Bedding Essentials for College

Sleeping well is SO important! Invest in a good mattress topper and get brand-new matching sheets and blankets for college.

The right college dorm room bedding will make your whole dorm room cozy.

1. Sheets

You'll need extra long twin sheets to fit most college beds. 

Both Amazon and Target have super cute sheets for college.

2. Pillowcase

Satin pillowcases are SO much softer than a normal pillowcase. Plus, they help to prevent wrinkles. 😉

3. Comforter or Duvet

Amazon has really affordable dorm room comforters. Or, check out Dormify for super cute college bedding! 

4. Bed Risers

Adding bed risers is also a great dorm room idea. When you raise your bed, you can then store things under your bed!

5. Pillows

You’ll of course need a pillow for sleeping!

6. Throws or Extra Blankets

7. Decorative Pillows

To make your room cozy, add fun and cheerful pillows in a bright color.

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8. Mattress Topper

Don’t forget to buy a mattress topper and a mattress pad. The investment is definitely worth it.

A mattress topper is essential to pack for college!

9. Mattress Pad

10. Eye Mask

Your roommate may not go to bed at the same time as you. For these occasions, you’ll want an eye mask.

I’ve had this exact eye mask for YEARS and still love it. Plus, this eye mask holds up in the washing machine really well!

College Packing List: Laundry Essentials

Stack up on everything that you’ll need for doing laundry. It’s no fun walking back to your dorm room from Target carrying heavy laundry detergent!

Add these items to your ultimate college packing list.

11. Clothes Hamper

12. Stain Stick

13. Mini Steamer

14. Laundry Detergent

15. Dryer Sheets

16. Stain Remover

17. Lint Rollers

Cleaning Stuff for College

Dorm rooms are small, but they do get dirty. Keep your room tidy and clean. Plus, having a messy or dirty dorm room can be distracting while studying.

18. Disinfectant Wipes

19. All-Purpose Cleaner

20. Dish Sponges

21. Hand Soap

22. Trash Bags

23. Vacuum

Tiny places get dirty quickly. A vacuum will become handier than you’d expect!

24. Paper Towels

25. Trash Can

A small trash can is perfect for dorm rooms.

Dorm Room Décor

The right college dorm room decorations can make the BIGGEST difference in how your dorm room looks.

26. Small Area Rug

The right dorm room rug can completely transform a room. Plus, it's nice to hop out of your bed and stand on something soft in the morning!

27. Posters

Get some posters to hang above your bed or on the walls of your dorm room.

28. Fairy String Lights

29. Small Lamp

30. Command Hooks

31. Plants

32. Command Strips

33. Small Round Mirror

34. Tapestry

35. Comfy Chair

36. Full Length Mirror

Bathroom Items for College

You’ll likely be walking down the hallway to share a bathroom in college.

You’ll need all the typical bathroom items in addition to a shower caddy and shower shoes.

37. Shampoo and Conditioner

I am a big fan of the L’Oreal Paris Elvive shampoo and conditioner. It makes your hair so, so soft!

38. Shower Caddy

39. Shower Shoes

40. Bathrobe

41. Towels

42. Washcloths

43. Razer

44. Shaving Cream

45. Body Wash

46. Toothbrush

47. Toothpaste

48. Mouthwash

49. Floss

Kitchen Supplies for Dorm Rooms

Depending on the size of your dorm room, having kitchen supplies will be most useful in college. Some days you may not have time to have breakfast in the cafeteria before class, or you may get hungry at night.

50. Mini Fridge

51. Electric Kettle

52. Coffee Maker

53. Sandwich Bags

54. Can Opener

55. Water Filter Pitcher

56. Microwave

57. Coffee Cup

58. Reusable Water Bottle

69. Set of Plates and Bowls

70. Utensils

71. Portable Coffee Mug

72. Snacks

73. Food Storage Containers

Storage Solutions for College

You’ll want to make the most of your small space. Under the bed storage is a college dorm room essential. Anything to organize your closet and add extra storage will be handy.

74. Desk Shelf

75. Hangers

76. Shoe Rack or Hanger

77. Small Dresser

78. Under the Bed Storage

79. Ottoman

80. Storage Cubes

81. Clear Storage Bins

Health Essentials for College

You don’t want to get sick! Stay healthy with these items.

82. Airborne

83. Advil

84. Condoms

85. Cough and Cold Medicine

86. Vitamin C

87. First Aid Kit

88. Band-Aids

89. Cough Drops

90. Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc

91. Allergy Medicine

92. Pepto Bismol

93. Thermometer

94. Eye Drops

95. Vitamins

Study Station Supplies

Even if you study in the library, there will be times when you want to study in your dorm room. Don’t forget to add these items to your ultimate college packing list.

96. Small Light

97. Power Strip

98. Pens and Pencils

99. Notepads

100. Highlighters

101. Binders and Paper

102. Bulletin Board

103. Pushpins or Tacks

104. Stapler

105. Erasers

106. Scissors

107. Tape Dispenser

108. Post It Notes

109. Charging Station

110. Weekly Planner

111. Backpack

112. Desk Organizer

113. Laptop Case

Electronics for College

Of course you need a laptop and cell phone for college, but these other electronics will be useful too.

114. TV

115. Noise Canceling Headphones

116. Laptop and Spare Charger

117. Keyboard

118. Mouse

119. iPhone

120. Portable Phone Charger

121. Spare phone charger

122. Camera

123. Bluetooth Speaker

Laptop Cover

Don't let your new laptop get chipped or ruined! A good laptop case is essential. 

I personally LOVE the Incase Designs Hardshell Case with dots for the Macbook Pro.

Casetify also has super cute laptop covers! 

Cute Laptop Cover for MacBook Pro with Cow Print
So Cute!

View on Casetify

Must-Have Toiletries for College

You’ll need these items on a weekly (if not daily!) basis, so don’t forget to add all these toiletries to your master college packing checklist.

124. Sunscreen for Face

125. Nail Clippers

126. Deodorant

127. Cotton Pads

128. Anti Blemish Pads

129. Face Wash

130. Tweezers

131. Hair Brush



132. Biore Nose Strips

College Packing List for Girls

Here are a few items you may want to pack for getting ready in the morning and/or getting ready for formals and on-campus parties.

133. Jewelry Hanger

134. Makeup Bag

135. Makeup Remover

136. Tampons

137. Hair Ties

138. Blow Dryer

139. Lipstick

140. Blush

141. Curling iron

142. Hairspray

143. Hair Product

144. Eyeshadow

145. Mascara

146. Under Eye Concealer

147. Foundation

148. Nail Polish and Nail Remover

149. Perfume

Clothes to Pack for College

Of course you’ll need clothes!

To make packing easy, I personally threw ALL of my clothes on my bed at home, and then started to sort my clothes into two piles. One was “must have” clothes for college and the other included clothes that I never wear, clothes that are too small/too big, or “worn down” clothes that just didn’t look the best anymore.

150. Pajamas

151. Slippers

152. Summer Dresses

153. Formal Dresses for Parties

154. Going out clothes

155. Business casual clothes

156. Heels

157. Sandals

158. Workout Clothes

159. Bras and Underwear

160. Socks

161. Costumes

162. Rain boots and raincoat

163. Winter Coat

164. Shorts

165. Jeans

166. Blouses and T-Shirts

167. Your Favorite Sweatshirt

Handy Items for College

You won’t need these items every day, but they sure will come in handy!

168. Screwdriver

169. Lightbulbs

170. Batteries

171. Safety Pins

Useful Items You May Forget

Don’t forget to pack these often forgotten, unexpected things to pack for college.

172. Glitter for Parties

173. Earplugs

174. Pepper Spray

175. Personal Alarm

176. Beach Towel

177. Umbrella

178. Water Bottle

179. Fans

180. Suitcase

181. Weekender Travel Bag

182. Sunglasses

Optional Items to Pack for College

These are optional items for college, but they may be super useful. Pick and choose what works for you.

183. Yoga Mat

185. Dry Erase Board

186. Board Games

187. Deck of Cards

188. Makeup Mirror

A mirror will make it easy to apply makeup in your dorm room vs. going to the bathroom.

189. Makeup Organizer

190. Diffuser & Essential Oils

191. Flashlight

192. TV

193. Air Mattress for Guests

194. Alarm Clock with Reading Light

This cute alarm clock is attractive and also doubles as a smart reading light.

195. Air Purifier

FREE Printable College Packing List: Ultimate College Packing List – PDF

Want a PDF with EVERYTHING on this college packing list? Download a PDF spreadsheet below.


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the ultimate college packing list
College Packing List
Ultimate College Packing List by Very Easy Makeup
Ultimate College Packing List by Very Easy Makeup

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