Top 37 Best Sorority Bid Day Themes to Rock Bid Day

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Sorority Bid Day Themes

Sorority Bid Day Themes

Are you searching for sorority bid day themes? After sorority recruitment is over, it’s time to get the real party started with Bid Day!

But what is a good sorority bid day theme? This college/sorority guide is all about sorority bid day themes.

If you need some inspiration for sorority bid day themes, below are easy-to-copy (and downright AMAZING!) sorority bid day themes.

Some of these bid day themes are SUPER easy and some require a little bit more creativity. To master any of these bid day themes, make sure to decorate with lots of balloons and signs. Glitter, fun sunglasses, and boas are always fun too!

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

Easy and Awesome Sorority Bid Day Themes

After a week of rush/recruitment, it’s time to celebrate!

Below are sorority bid day theme ideas that everyone will love!

1. 80s and Neon

80s and Neon Bid Day Theme
Fun and Easy!

An 80s and neon-themed bid day is easy and fun!

2. Party at the Disco

Sorority Bid Day Theme of Disco Party
Fun and Retro!

A disco theme is a fun and cheerful bid day idea!

large disco ball balloons
Perfect for a Disco Party!

View on Amazon

For added fun, have everyone wear wigs, heart sunglasses, and feather boas!

2. The Sweetest Thing/Candyland/How Sweet It Is to Be a (Insert Name of Your Sorority)

Go with a cute candy bid day theme! Have signs that say, “How sweet it is to be a XX sorority.”

Sorority Bid Day Theme Candy Land
So Cute!

Why not go with a bittersweet beginnings theme? Decorate with cotton candy and candy decorations.

Sorority Bid Day Theme Sweet Candy
So Sweet!

Decorations: Get anything with donuts, ice cream, and candy. You can copy this sorority bid day idea by buying candy-themed decorations.

Candy balloons
Perfect for a Candyland Theme!

View on Amazon

What to Wear: Glitter, hot pink, candy cane necklaces, and socks with candies on them.

Gifts to Give Out: Candy and candy cane necklaces.

3. Welcome to Paradise

Sorority Bid Day Theme Welcome to Paradise
Fun and Cute!

Go with a fun “Welcome to Paradise” theme for bid day. Have everyone wear floral headbands and fun tutu skirts.

floral headbands
Buy Headbands for Everyone

View on Amazon

You can also get a big flamingo for photos!

Sorority Bid Day Theme Welcome to Paradise
Image via

Amazon has so many decorations perfect for a "paradise" bd day theme, including the gigantic flamingo shown above! 

Giant Inflatable Flamingo

View on Amazon

4. Olympic Theme

Olympic Bid Day Idea for College

For an Olympic theme bid day, get fanny packs and matching shorts for everyone.

5. Ice Ice Cold

Sorority Bid Day Theme Ice Ice Cold
Ice Ice Cold!!!

You can have a lot of fun with an Ice Ice sorority bid day theme! Have everyone wear silver or light pink/purple skirts and white t-shirts.

Sorority Bid Day Theme Ice Ice
So Fun and Creative!

Ice Ice Bid Party Outfits

6. Golden Hour

Golden Hour Sorority Bid Day Theme
Perfect for Bid Day!

Go back to the 70s with a Golden Hour bid day theme!

Go with orange and white outfits for a Golden Hour sorority bid day theme. Get plenty of orange and pink balloons too!

7. Beverly Hills

Sorority Bid Day Theme Beverly Hills
Perfect for the Summer!

Go tropical with a Beverly Hills sorority bid day theme. Have everyone wear baby pink and teal.

8. Welcome to Ivy League

Sorority Bid Day Theme Ivy League for College
So Smart!

Who says sorority girls aren’t smart? (At least at my school – the best sororities had an average GPA of 3.7 and above!) Go with cute tennis skirts and sweaters with headbands for this sorority bid day theme.

Get Bid Day Outfits for an Ivy League Theme

9. 70s Theme/Hippies

70s Bid Day Theme for Sororities
So Cute and Fun!

A 70s theme bid day is such a cute idea! Get flowers and fun t-shirts for everyone.

Hippies and 70s Bid Day Theme Idea
Retro and Groovy!

10. The Wild, Wild, West (Western Theme)

Western Bid Day Theme
Take a Ride to the Wild West!

Have everyone wear cowgirl hats, cowboy boots, and handkerchiefs for a Wild, Wild West theme.

For this bid day idea, you could also bring in a dance instructor to teach a fun line dancing class!

What You Need for a Wild West Bid Day theme:

  • Cowboy hats
  • Cowboy boots
  • Jean shorts
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Western-themed games (like pin the tail on the donkey!)

11. Slumber Party/Dreaming of (Insert Name of Sorority)/Sweet Dreams

Sorority Bid Day Theme Pajamas
Fun and Comfy!

Want an easy bid day theme? Just have everyone wear pajamas in pink and white!

Slumber Party Bid Day Theme for College
So Cute!!

12. Out of this World/Outer Space

Outer Space Bid Day Theme
Outer Space!

Who doesn’t love sparkles and sequins? Have everyone wear tutu skirts or shiny booty shorts and fun alien-themed decorations.

13. Flamin' Hot

Bid Day Theme Flamin Hot
Hot and Spicy!

An easy sorority bid day theme idea is to have everyone wear red.

For cute t-shirts, check out these flaming sorority-lettered t-shirts for bid day.

14. Riding into Bid Day/Ride of Your Life

Sorority Bid Day Theme Race Theme
Sexy and Cute!

Dress up as Rock N’ Roll girls for Bid Day.

You may want to get matching Raceday Vibes t-shirts for everyone to wear on Bid Day.

Sorority Bid Day Theme Racer Girls
Racing Into Bid Day!

For this bid day idea, have everyone wear biker outfits. 

Race Day Bid Day Outfit Ideas

Decorations for Ride of Your Life Bid Day: Think Checkered flags, fire flames, Harley Davidson, Nascar, and anything car themed.

Colors for Ballons: Get red, orange, yellow, and black balloons.

Food: Serve hamburgers, hot dogs, and soda.

15. Wild in the Jungle/Welcome to the Jungle

Sorority Bid Day Theme Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the Jungle!

Wear animal-print t-shirts or dresses and decorate with anything jungle-themed!

Sorority Bid Day Theme Jungle
So Cute and Fun!

For this sorority bid day theme, get light pink or green t-shirts and have everyone wear leopard print!

16. Space Cowgirl

Space Cowgirl Bid Day Theme
So Much Fun!!

A Space Cowgirl bid day theme is fun and so, so easy! Get cowgirl hats and custom t-shirts.

Related: Space Cowgirl XX

17. Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby Bid Day Theme
Ice Ice Baby!

Have everyone wear white, silver, and green for an Ice Ice Baby bid day theme.

18. Butterflies and Sequins

Bid Day Theme with Butterflies and Go-Go Boots
Fun for Dressing Up!

Who doesn’t love butterflies, sequined skirts, and white go-go boots?

19. We’ve Struck Gold

Sorority Bid Day Theme I've Struck Gold
So Creative and Easy!

This is such a cute sorority bid day theme!

Sorority Bid Day Theme of We Struck Gold
Fun and Creative!

20. We are the Champions/Welcome to the Big Leagues

Sorority Bid Day Theme Sporty Champions
Perfect for Sporty Sororities!

Is your sorority sporty? Then go with a sporty bid day theme!

Have everyone wear jean shorts and get custom red and white t-shirts.

21. Over the Rainbow

Sorority Bid Day Theme of Rainbow
Fun in the Sun!

Why not do a rainbow-themed sorority bid day? Just decorate with the colors of the rainbow!

Sorority Bid Day Theme of Rainbows
Get Lucky Charms Too!

Get these Bid Day Outfits

22. Home Sweet Home

Sorority Bid Day Theme Home Sweet Home
Fun and Sweet!

This sorority bid day theme is a twist on the "Candy Land" bid day theme. Get light pink and white decorations and create signs that say "Home Sweet Home."

23. New Bids on the Block

Sorority Bid Day Theme New Bids on the Block
Go All Out 80s Style!

For this bid day theme, go with 80s clothes and decorations! Think cut-off t-shirts, neon leggings, and blow-up boom boxes.

80s Bid Day Decorations

24. Under the Sea

Bid Day Theme Under the Sea
Fun Under the Sea!

Who doesn't love The Little Mermaid? You have so many creative options for an Under the Sea bid day theme!

25. Heaven on Earth/The Angels Have Landed

Sorority Bid Day Theme Heaven on Earth and Angels Have Landed
So Cute and Sweet!

Being in a sorority is like heaven on earth. For this sorority bid day theme, get halos and angel wings.

26. Ohana Means Family

Ohana Means Family BId Day Theme
Fun and Festive!

Go with a tropical/paradise/Hawaiian bid day. Get signs that say "Ohana Means Family."

You'll want to check out these cute "Ohana Means Family" sorority t-shirts for this bid-day theme.

27. Pop Art

Pop Art Sorority Bid Day Theme
Stand Out with Pop Art!

Wham, Bam! Go with a fun pop-art theme to stand out on bid day.

28. Welcome to the Circus

Circus Sorority Bid Day Theme
Welcome to the Party Circus!

Welcome to the circus!! Get ideas for a circus-themed sorority bid day, thanks to this video from Pi Beta Phi at the University of Kansas.

29. Pirates

Pirate Bid Day Theme for Sororities
So Much Fun!

For this bid day theme, wear red bananas, Doc Marten boots, and red skirts! 

30. Space Jam

Space Jam Bid Day Theme for College
Fun in the 90s!

Space Jam is a classic! Bring back the 90s with a fun Space Jam sorority bid day theme.

31. There's Snow Place Like XX/Winter Wonderland

Sorority Bid Day Theme Winter Wonderland
Ice Ice!!

Go with a snow-themed bid day!

For a Winter Wonderland theme for bid day, wear blue and decorate with fake snow!

32. Falling in Love With...

Sorority Bid Day Theme for College
Sweet and Fun!

Want an easy sorority bid day theme? Go with hearts for decorations and wear red, pink, and white.

Love Bid Day Theme for Sororities
So Fun and Loving!

33. Sweet Like Honey

Bid Day Theme Sweet Like Honey
Fun and Sweet!

A "Sweet Like Honey" sorority bid day theme is easy and fun! Have everyone wear yellow and get fun headbands for everyone.

Sweet Like Honey Sorority Bid Day Idea
So Cute!

34. Beach Babes

For a Beach Babes bid day theme, decorate the sorority house like a tropical beach party! Pull out the colorful leis, beach balls, and other beach themed decorations.

35. Movie Magic

Make your new sorority sisters feel like they finally made it in Hollywood! For a Movie Magic bid day theme, get a red carpet to welcome in your new sorority sisters. Then, decorate with movie-inspired decorations and posters.

For your sorority bid day outfits, you can have the girls dress up in Hollywood glam dresses and outfits.

36. Carnival Craze

Who doesn’t love to play games and have fun?! For this creative bid day theme, get a cotton candy machine, a photo booth with circus-themed props, and maybe rent out a few games to play as well!

37. Glow Party

Having a glow theme is such an EASY sorority bid day idea! For a glow party theme, get glow sticks, blacklights, and neon paint. You can have everyone wear white T-shirts and then write on each other's shirts with glow-in-the-dark markers!

38. Pajama Jam

After a stressful week of sorority rush, why not let everyone relax and have some fun?! For a Pajama Jam bid day, have everyone war cute and comfy pajamas. Then, decorate your sorority house with sleeping bags, cute pillows (you could give each new sister a pillow with a cute pillowcase with your sorority’s letters on it), and cute matching slippers for everyone!

39. Masquerade Ball

If you want something unique and mysterious, a Masquerade Ball is the perfect sorority bid day idea! Ask everyone to wear formal dresses and hand out masquerade masks for everyone!

40. Fiesta Frenzy

Who doesn’t love tacos and hitting a pinata? For this bid day idea, decorate with Mexican-inspired decorations and play lively music!

41. Music Festival Madness

Transform your bid day into a musical festival experience! Have everyone wear cute music festival outfits, play music, and hand out tasty food!

Tips for Sorority Bid Day

Here are a few tips to make sorority bid day the BEST!

1. Make Every New Sister Feel Welcome

Assign each sorority sister to 1-2 girls to personally welcome, to make sure every new sorority girl feels welcome.

2. Gift a Small Present

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive! It could be a pair of $4 sunglasses, a boa, or a fun party hat.

3. Start with an Ice-Breaker

An ice-breaker game is a great and low-key way for everyone to get to know each other.

Just do a google search for "ice breaker games" and you'll find lots of ideas!

My personal favorite game is "Change Places If..." Find instructions here.

4. Have Plenty of Food

Have plenty of food available for everyone to eat, and include a mix of party food (chips, pizza), healthy food (carrots, pita chips, hummus), and vegetarian options.

5. Tell Each Girl How Happy You Are to Have Them!

Some girls may not have picked your sorority as their #1 choice.

Bid Day is the time to make them feel welcome and happy to be in your sorority. Tell them how happy you are to have them as a new sister!

6. Be LOUD to Welcome Your New Sisters

Have a fun cheer and be LOUD when you welcome your new sisters into your sorority house!

7. Don’t Keep the Girls Too Long

Rush/recruitment is exhausting…especially for the girls going through rush. Your new pledges are likely super excited to be in your sorority, but also emotionally exhausted!

Don’t keep the girls too long on Bid Day. Talking to strangers all day can be really exhausting, especially for introverts.

Sorority Bid Day Gift Ideas

My sorority didn’t give us gifts on bid day (nor did I expect a gift!).

However, if your college/sorority traditional gives out gifts, here are a few ideas.

1. Sorority Cosmetic Bag

Bid Day Cosmetic Bag Gift

View on Etsy

A cute cosmetic bag with your sorority’s Greek letters is a great bid day gift idea.

2. Sorority Tote Bag

Sorority Tote Bag for Bid Day Gift
Super Cute and Useful!

View on Etsy

A cute sorority chapter tote bag is perfect for carrying books around campus, or for bringing to a frat party at the beach!

3. Sorority Trucker Hat

Sorority White Hat for Bid Day or Beach
Cute and Practical!

View on Etsy

A fun sorority trucker hat is perfect for beach parties. Plus, this bid day gift idea is perfect for wearing to take fun photos!

4. Sorority Hooded Sweatshirt for Bid Day

Sorority Bid Day Sweater
Sizes Up to 3X-Large

View on Etsy

Of course, your new sorority sisters will probably accumulate lots of official sorority/Greek t-shirts and sweatshirts. But…these sweatshirts are just perfect for bid day!

5. Tassel Key Fobs

A key fob isn’t just for car keys! A personalized sorority tassel fob can be added to a backpack or a purse.

Sorority Tassel Fobs for Bid Day and Big/Little Gift
Great for a Gift!

View on Etsy


In summary, there are so many sorority bid day ideas to choose from! Some of my favorite bid day themes include 80s and neon, disco party, and Candyland.

Which sorority bid day idea is your favorite? What did your sorority do last year for their bid day theme? Please leave a comment below. I’d absolutely love to hear from you!!

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