17 Awesome and Unforgettable Sorority Theme Party Ideas

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fun and unique sorority theme party ideas by Very Easy Makeup

Sorority Theme Party Ideas

I’ll admit it. I’m no longer in college, but I sure do have GREAT memories from it!

I was the social chair of my sorority and I LOVED theme parties, which means I had the opportunity to plan and coordinate lots of sorority theme parties. (I wish they had more themed parties for adults!)

This college guide is all about easy sorority theme party ideas.

If you are planning a sorority theme party, then you need to have a theme that is

1) easy for people to dress up for and

2) easy to buy decorations that match the theme.

If a sorority theme party idea is too obscure, people won’t know what to wear!

Easy and Fun Sorority Theme Party Ideas

Girls in your sorority will easily be able to get costumes and outfits to match these themed party ideas.

Plus, you’ll easily be able to buy decorations online.

P.S. – All of these themes work for fraternity-sorority mixers too!

1. Fun Hawaiian Luau

Hawaiian luau college theme party ideas by Very Easy Makeup
Hawaiian Luau Sorority and College Party Idea

I personally LOVE Hawaiian luau for a sorority college theme party. It’s easy to get leighs for everyone and for girls to find flower dresses and skirts. Plus, guys can easily wear a Hawaiian shirt if you are doing a mixer.

Hawaiian luau party theme for college by Very Easy Makeup
Hawaiian Luau Party

Outfits for a Hawaiian Themed Party

Hawaiian Lua Party Supplies

2. Sexy Rock N Roll

rock and roll college or sorority theme party idea by Very Easy Makeup
Rock 'n' Roll Theme Party

Rock N’ Roll is a fun sorority party theme. Get bandanas for girls to wear as headbands and encourage everyone to get a concert t-shirt. Girls can wear jeans or black leggings.

rock and roll theme college party, Halloween costume, and sorority party by Very Easy Makeup
Rock N' Roll Girls

What to Wear for a Rock and Roll Sorority Theme Party

3. Wild in the Jungle

wild in the jungle fun and unique sorority college theme party idea by Very Easy Makeup
Wild in the Jungle

Think leopard print, safari girl, or wild animals for a Wild in the Jungle sorority theme party.

wild in the jungle fun college theme party idea by Very Easy Makeup
Wild in the Jungle Outfit

What to Wear for a Wild in the Jungle Sorority Theme Party Idea

Jungle Decorations for a Sorority Theme Party Idea

4. Kentucky Derby

country club and Kentucky derby dresses and outfit ideas by Very Easy Makeup
Country Club Sorority Theme Party Idea

A Kentucky Derby party is EASY to do. Just encourage your sorority sisters to wear a pretty pink, white, or yellow summer dress with a big, bright Kentucky Derby hat!

For a sorority-fraternity mixer, encourage guys to wear seersucker shorts and polo shirts.

Outfits for a Kentucky Derby-Themed Party

Kentucky Derby Decorations

5. Ski Lodge Bunny

ski lodge bunny college theme party idea by Very Easy Makeup
Ski Lodge Bunny Sorority Theme

If you go to college somewhere COLD, then try out a ski lodge bunny theme party! Think neon jogging suits, ski masks, metallic coats, hats, and fur boots.

Clothes to Buy for a Ski Lodge Bunny Party

6. 80s Neon Party

college theme neon party idea for sororities by Very Easy Makeup
Neon Themed Party for College

An 80s neon party is EASY for a college sorority theme party. Just have everyone wear neon!

P.S. Neon is also great as a bid day theme idea!

Neon Clothes on Amazon to Wear

Neon Theme Party Decorations

7. Anything Camo Goes

camo outfits for camo sorority and college theme party idea by Very Easy Makeup
Camo Party for College

This sorority theme party idea is easy. Just have everyone wear everything and anything camo!

Plus, you can all dress up in camo for Halloween as sorority sisters too!

Cute Clothes for a Camo Themed Sorority Party

Camo Party Decorations

8. Western Theme

cowgirls for sorority theme college party idea by Very Easy Makeup
Cute Cowgirls for a Party Theme Idea

I have a theory that every girl should own a cowboy hat, one pair of cowboy boots, and a simple red handkerchief. This is an easy and fun college theme party idea, and people can be sexy or keep is simple!

Western Party Outfit Ideas

Decorations for a Western Themed Party

9. Space Cowboy

cute, fun, and unique sorority college theme party idea with space cowboy by Very Easy Makeup
Space Cowboy and Out of This World Themed Party

Why not make an excuse to wear pink, silver, and GLITTER! Think cowgirl meets alien and outer space for this sorority party theme.

What to Wear to a Space Cowboy/Cowgirl Party

Space Cowboy Hats for Sorority Parties

Space Cowboy Decorations

10. 90s Flashback

90s themed college party idea and 90s theme outfit ideas by Very Easy Makeup
90s Themed College Party

Remember the 90s? (I don’t!) Basically – have everyone wear neon wind breakers, white sneakers with tall socks, high waisted jeans, and bright colors. Search for photos from Saved by the Bell and Friends for ideas.

90s costume outfit idea by Very Easy Makeup
Saved by the Bell

What to Wear to a 90s Party

90s Party Decorations

11. Demin Party

This themed party idea is easy! Just ask everyone to wear denim shirts and denim jeans.

12. Stoplight Party

stoplight party theme for college parties
Stoplight Party

Need a sorority-fraternity mixer party idea?

A popular fraternity-themed party idea and sorority-themed party idea is to throw a Stoplight party!

Have everyone wear green if they are single, red if they are in a relationship, and yellow if things are complicated. 😉

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13. Pajama Party

Easy enough. Have everyone wear pajamas! People go the sexy route or the funny route with a full-on granny bathrobe and slippers!

14. Anything But Clothes (ABC)

This requires a bit of creativity. You can wear anything you want…as long as it isn’t clothes!

15. Toga Party

This college theme party idea is easy. Everyone just has to show up in sheets and have lots of safety pins handy.

16. Race Car Drivers

Having a race car driver themed party is great for both sororities and for sorority-fraternity mixer parties! Everyone can wear race car costumes or checkered shirts. For decorations, get race car themed plates and black and white balloons!

sorority themed party + race car costumes
Image via @preppygalss

17. 1970s/Hippies Party

Encourage everyone to dress up as a hippie girl or to wear an outfit from the 70s! This is a great college-themed party idea too!

hippy costume + sorority theme party idea
Image via @preppyygalss

Tips and Ideas to Make Your Sorority-Themed Party a Hit

To make your party a hit, here are some tips and suggestions to consider:

1. Choose a theme

Whether it's a decade party or a costume party, selecting a theme is a must!

2. Decorate!

Create a fun and festive atmosphere by decorating the venue with balloons, streamers, and themed decorations.

Consider renting a photo booth or creating a backdrop for selfies. Etsy and Amazon have lots of cute backdrops for great photos.

3. Serve Yummy Food and Snacks

Consider serving finger foods or creating a DIY food bar where guests can create their own snacks.

4. Promote the event

Spread the word about your sorority party by creating a Facebook event or sending out e-vites. Make sure to include all the important details such as the date, time, location, and dress code.

5. Plan fun activities

Keep everyone entertained with fun games and activities that fit the theme of your party. Consider hosting a karaoke contest or a costume contest.

6. Create a playlist

Set the mood for your party by creating a playlist that includes all your favorite songs. Make sure to include music that fits the theme of your party.


By following these tips and suggestions, you can plan an awesome sorority theme party that your sisters will be talking about for weeks to come!

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sorority theme party ideas by Very Easy Makeup
Sorority Theme Party Ideas
10 Sorority Theme Party Ideas for College Students by Very Easy Makeup
10 Sorority Theme Party Ideas for College Students by Very Easy Makeup

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