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Are you searching for easy DIY Halloween costumes for couples?

If you are searching for last-minute, easy DIY Halloween costume ideas for couples you are in luck! This Halloween costume guide is all about easy couples costumes you can DIY for Halloween. 

Below you will find DIY Halloween costumes for couples that include cute, scary, and unique costume ideas!

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples

Happy Halloween! Below are DIY Halloween costume ideas for couples to inspire you!

1. Burglars

Dressing up as two burglars is such an easy and quick DIY couple’s Halloween costume idea!

Dressing up as burglars has got to be one of the easiest at-home DIY Halloween costumes. Simply buy the accessories (including a mask and gloves for being a bank robber!) and a simple black and white striped shirt.

bank robbers and burglers as an easy DIY costume idea and easy Halloween costume for couples
Couples Halloween Costume Idea – Bank Robbers/Burglars

Copy this DIY Halloween costume for couples: Burglar and Bank Robber Accessories | Black and White Striped T-Shirt | Black Leggings

2. Deer in the Headlights

Want a funny DIY Halloween costume for couples? Dress up as dear in the headlights!

All you need are antlers and a brown sweatshirt for the deer, a black dress, a “deer crossing sign” and lights for the street.

Don’t want to make your own Halloween costume? You can buy the Deer in the Headlights Couples Halloween Costume on Amazon for $55!

deer in the headlights funny couples halloween costume idea
DIY Deer in the Headlights Couples Costume Idea

Copy this DIY Couples Costume: Brown Sweatshirt | Antler Ears | Black Dress | Lights | Deer Xing Sign

3. Velma and Shaggy

Want a super easy DIY Halloween costume for couples? You can’t go wrong with Velma and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo!

Who can say no to the classic American TV Show Scooby-Doo from the 1970s for a fun Halloween-themed idea?

Dress up as Velma Dinkley and Shaggy Rogers for a cute DIY couples costume idea.

Velma and Shaggy from Scooby Doo as an easy DIY Halloween costume idea for couples and a cheap last minute costume
Cute DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples

For a DIY Velma costume, check out this Velma Halloween costume guide. For a Shaggy DIY Halloween costume, you’ll need brown bell-bottom pants, a lime green v-neck t-shirt, and black shoes.

If you prefer to buy the Shaggy costume on Amazon too!

4. Sandy and Danny from Grease

Who doesn’t love Grease? Plus, it’s a fun and sexy couple’s Halloween costume idea!

Danny and Sandy from Grease for easy DIY sexy fun Halloween costume idea
Sandy and Danny from Grease – Sexy Couple’s Halloween Costume Idea

For a DIY Sandy from Grease costume, you’ll need a sexy off-the-shoulder crop top, a Pink Lady Jacket, faux leather leggings, a black belt, red pumps, and a Pink Lady scarf and accessories. Or, you can buy the Sandy Halloween costume on Amazon. It looks super sexy!

Dress Up as Sandy: Black Top | Pink Lady Jacket | Leather Pants | Belt | Red Heels

To dress up as Danny from Greease, you’ll need a basic T-shirt and a leather jacket.

Dress Up as Danny: White T-Shirt | Leather Jacket | Converse Shoes

5. Cookie Monster and a Cookie

Want a cute DIY couples costume? Dress up as Cookie Monster and a cookie!

Cookie Monster and cookie Couples cute halloween costume idea
Easy and Cheap DIY Couples Halloween Costume

Check out this DIY Cookie Monster costume guide to re-create this DIY couple’s Halloween costume idea! 

easy couples diy fun halloween costume idea of being a cookie and a cookie monster for college Halloween parties
Cute and Easy DIY Couples Halloween Costume Idea – Cookie & Cookie Monster!

Check out this DIY Cookie Monster costume guide to re-create this DIY couple’s Halloween costume idea! 

Dress up as a Cookie: Brown Sweatshirt | Brown Felt

6. Tin Man and Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz

DIY Halloween costumes for couples
Image via @annadanibrooks

You can easily buy the Tin Man costume and scarecrow costume on Amazon, or you can DIY these costumes yourself!

7. Bonnie and Clyde

For a classic Bonnie and Clyde costume, you’ll need 1930s-style clothing, toy guns, and a bit of creativity to mimic the notorious duo’s style.

DIY couples costumes Bonnie and Clyde
Image via @sarahhhmarie

8. Mario and Luigi

To transform into the iconic video game characters Mario and Luigi, grab red and green overalls, red and green shirts, and matching caps.

9. Peanut Butter and Jelly

This sweet pair costume only requires two large pieces of foam, some fabric, and paint to become the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or, you can buy these pb and jelly costumes on Amazon for super cheap!

DIY couples costumes + couple PB an jelly costumes
Image via @junijiamom

10. Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree

For this artistic duo, you’ll need a Bob Ross wig, palette, and paintbrush along with a green outfit to be the “happy little tree.”

11. Salt and Pepper

Create a savory couples costume by wearing all-white or all-black outfits and using fabric paint to add “S” and “P” on your chest or back.

12. Netflix and Chill

Dress in comfy lounge attire with a Netflix logo and a bag of popcorn for a relaxed and fun costume as the ultimate streaming pair.

13. Jack and Jill

For this classic nursery rhyme duo, simply wear peasant-style clothing with a bucket and a fake crown for Jill, and a cardboard well for Jack.

14. Taco Bell Sauce Packets

Craft matching Taco Bell sauce packet costumes using colored cardboard, paint, and ribbon for an easy and spicy look.

15. Risky Business

Channel Tom Cruise from “Risky Business” by wearing a white button-down shirt, socks, and sunglasses—just don’t forget to slide in your socks!

16. Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Dress as the famous detective duo with Victorian-era clothing, a magnifying glass for Sherlock, and a pipe for Watson.

17. Beauty and the Beast

Recreate this Disney classic by dressing as Belle in a yellow gown and the Beast with a suit, fangs, and a horned mask.

18. Sonny and Cher

Emulate this iconic musical pair with ’60s-style clothing, a shag wig for Sonny, and a long wig and a sequined dress for Cher.

19. Forrest Gump and Jenny

Forrest Gump and Jenny costumes are easy with a white suit, red baseball cap, and box of chocolates for Forrest, and a hippie-style outfit for Jenny.

20. Aladdin and Jasmine

Transform into the Disney duo with Aladdin in a vest and pants, and Jasmine in a teal harem outfit.

21. Peanut Butter and Banana

For a fun twist on a classic combo, wear a peanut butter jar costume and a banana suit for a tasty pair.

22. Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm

Create these insurance-themed costumes with a white apron, name tags, and props like a Progressive headband and a red phone for State Farm.

23. The Incredibles

Suit up as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible with red bodysuits and black masks for a super-powered couple.

24. Rock ‘n’ Roll Stars

Embrace your inner rockstars with leather jackets, sunglasses, and toy musical instruments for a legendary night.

25. Popeye and Olive Oyl

Become the cartoon couple Popeye and Olive Oyl with sailor attire, spinach cans, and a long black wig for Olive.

26. Lilo and Stitch

Lilo and Stitch costumes are easy with Hawaiian dresses for Lilo and a blue fur suit for Stitch.

27. Shark Attack

Turn heads with a shark bite costume by sewing a large shark head onto your outfit and adding a “victim” sign.

28. Chucky and Tiffany

For a spooky couple, dress as the killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany with colorful overalls, a red wig, and a wedding dress.

29. Woody and Jessie

Become the rootin’ tootin’ pair from Toy Story with cowboy and cowgirl attire, hats, and boots.

30. Mario Kart Racers

For a fun group costume, dress as characters from Mario Kart using cardboard boxes to create kart costumes.

31. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

Create these classic toys with brown clothing and add-on features like eyes, ears, and noses. Or, you can buy really funny Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes on Amazon too!

32. Wayne and Garth

Party on as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World with rock band tees, jeans, and wigs.

33. Salt and Vinegar

Playfully dress as a pair of condiments with white outfits and labels indicating “Salt” and “Vinegar.”

34. Where’s Waldo and Wenda

Find each other in the crowd as Waldo and Wenda with red-striped shirts, glasses, and beanies.

35. Ketchup and Mustard

Spice things up as ketchup and mustard bottles with red and yellow clothing, and DIY bottle labels.

36. Toy Soldiers

Transform into the iconic toy soldiers from Toy Story with green clothing and painted cardboard accessories.

37. Adam and Barbara Maitland from “Beetlejuice”

Recreate these beloved characters with conservative ’80s outfits, white makeup, and a handbook for the recently deceased.

38. Lumberjack and Tree

For a nature-inspired costume, dress as a lumberjack with flannel and a beard, while your partner becomes a tree with a brown outfit and branches.

39. Greek Gods and Goddesses

Choose your favorite Greek gods and goddesses and create flowing togas with bed sheets for a mythological look.

40. Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Step back in time with Fred and Wilma Flintstone costumes, featuring caveman-style outfits.

41. Salt Bae and a Steak

Playfully dress as Salt Bae with a white chef’s outfit, sunglasses, and a salt shaker, while your partner can be a steak with a brown outfit and grill marks.

42. The Shining Twins

Give everyone chills as the creepy twins from “The Shining” with matching blue dresses and blank stares.

43. Peter Pan and Tinker Bell

Fly off to Neverland as Peter Pan with green tights and a feathered cap, while Tinker Bell sparkles in a green fairy costume.

44. Ice Cream Sundae

Become a delicious ice cream sundae with tan clothing as the ice cream and colorful fabric as toppings.

45. Morticia and Gomez Addams

Channel the spooky romance of Morticia and Gomez Addams with dark, gothic clothing and dramatic makeup.

46: Netflix and Blockbuster

Highlight the evolution of entertainment by dressing as Netflix with red and black attire and Blockbuster with a blue and yellow outfit.

47: Where the Wild Things Are

Step into the world of Maurice Sendak’s classic book with furry monster costumes and golden crowns.

48. Mad Hatter and Alice

Enter Wonderland as the Mad Hatter with a colorful suit and hat, and Alice in a blue dress with a white apron.

49. Boba and Bubble Tea

For a sweet and trendy costume, be Boba and Bubble Tea with matching brown outfits and straw accessories.

50. Han Solo and Princess Leia

Complete your Halloween adventure as Han Solo in a vest and blaster, and Princess Leia in a flowing white gown.

51. Hawaiian Punch

Get ready to party! This Hawaiian punch costume for couples is so cute and creative! You can buy this boxer costume on Amazon too!

52. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

These DIY Mermaid Man and DIY Barnacle Boy costumes are so cute!

DIY couples costumes mermaid man and barnacle boy
Image via @raphael_birchner

53. Pooh Bear and Tigger

These DIY couple’s costumes are so cute! Perfect for a pregnant mom and husband couple costume!

54. Penny and Bolt

You can get creative with these DIY Disney costumes for two best friends or a couple!

55. Dora and Diego

These DIY couple’s costumes are so cute and perfect for a couple in college!

56. Barney Rubble and his Flamin’ Hot Cheeto

These DIY couple’s costumes are hot and on fire!

57. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy

These DIY couple’s costumes are so, so cute! Plus, you can wear a sexy pink dress with this DIY costume idea for couples!

58. Campfire and Smores

These DIY couples costumes are so cute and fun!! 🔥🏕🍫

DIY couples costumes + campfire and smores costumes
Image via @aww.sam


In conclusion, there’s no need to run out to the store and buy costumes for you and your partner! There are lots of DIY Halloween costume ideas for couples that you can do!

easy DIY Halloween costumes for couples that are cute and fun and cheap costume ideas from Very Easy Makeup that you can buy on Amazon
Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Couples from Very Easy Makeup

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