DIY Cookie Monster Costume Guide – What You Need for an EASY Cookie Monster Costume


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easy DIY Cookie Monster costume for women

DIY Cookie Monster Costume

Dressing up as Cookie Monster is such a cute Halloween costume idea!

Here’s what you need for an easy DIY cookie monster costume.

What You Need for an Easy DIY Cookie Monster Costume

Here’s exactly what to buy on Amazon for a DIY cookie monster costume.

Easy DIY Cookie Monster Halloween Costume
Easy DIY Cookie Monster Halloween Costume

1. Cookie Monster T-Shirt

easy DIY Halloween costume idea of being a cookie monster - perfect for couples Halloween costume, kid friendly costume, and teacher at school Halloween costume
Inspiration for DIY Cookie Monster Halloween Costume

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2. Blue Tuto Skirt for Cookie Monster Costume

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3. Blue Feather Boa and Googly Eyes for DIY Cookie Monster Headpiece

cookie monster costume idea for her with blue feather boa and eyes for the headpiece
Blue Feather Boa for Cookie Monster Costume

Make your own cute Cookie Monster headpiece!

Cookie Monster DIY Headpiece

4. Cookie Monster Headband

View on Amazon

5. Cookies! 

And of'll need cookies for your DIY Cookie Monster costume!

View on Amazon

Cookie Monster Pajamas for an EASY Costume

And of can always just wear a onesie for an EASY DIY Cookie Monster costume? It will be warm. 

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