What to Wear to a Drag Show for Women and Men (Party Time!)

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Have you ever found yourself yearning for a night filled with glitz, glamour, and all things fabulous? Well, look no further than a drag show! Whether you're a seasoned drag aficionado or a first-time attendee, one thing's for sure: choosing the perfect drag show outfit is essential to make your night even more unforgettable.

If you are attending a drag show and have no clue what to wear, I got! This fashion guide is all about what to wear to a drag show.  

I recently attended a bachelorette party at Lips in Atlanta and got to see everyone’s drag show outfits! And I’ll tell you…attending a drag show is an excuse to dress up!

So, let's dive into the wonderful world of drag and explore what to wear to truly stand out and have a blast at a drag show!

What is a Drag Show?

Before jumping into drag show outfits, let’s talk about drag shows. What is a drag show exactly?

Typically, a drag show is where 5-10 performers dress up in elaborate costumes, and then lip sync and dance to popular songs. Drag shows usually happen over brunch or in the evening (after 6 pm). Generally, the drag show queens are all men, and they dress up in elaborate costumes (think wild and crazy – like Lady Gaga!). Then, each of them does a performance of 2-3 songs with lip singing and dancing. Depending on the drag show, each performer may walk through the audience, which is your chance to hand over the dollar bills!

what to expect at a drag show + drag show outfit
Image via @lipsatl

Drag shows are great for a night out with friends, and they are a popular event for birthday parties and bachelorette parties.

Check out this video from Lips Atlanta for a sneak peek of what to expect at a drag queen show!

What to Wear to a Drag Show as a Girl

When it comes to choosing an outfit for a drag show, you can go all out! Think bold and daring – almost like a sexy Halloween costume! You can wear sequins and vibrant colors, or something like a disco party outfit. I saw girls wearing leather pants and corset tops, sexy tight dresses with cutouts, sequin pants with tank tops, and going out dresses at the drag show in Atlanta.

You’ll also want to accessorize with sparkly jewelry and a fun clutch. And don’t be scared to wear glitter either! Below are more ideas of what to wear to a drag show for girls.

A Sexy Cutout Dress

There's really no such thing as a dress that is *too* sexy for a drag queen show. At the drag queen show I attended, the drag queens had to give the girl a napkin to put over her dress when she sat down! Amazon has TONS of sexy cutout dresses, which you can check out here. Below is one of my favorite sexy black cutout dresses to wear to a drag show.

sexy black cutout dress on Amazon
Just Quella Mini Dress

View on Amazon

A Corset Top

Have you always wanted to wear a corset top, but had no idea where to wear it? I saw lots of women at the drag show I attended wearing corset tops or bralette tops with black jeans or leggings! This corset top (shown below) on Amazon comes in black, pink, red, and white. Sexy and fun for a drag queen show!

black corset top to wear to a drag queen show
Dealmore Bustier Top

View on Amazon

A Rainbow Sequin Dress

Nothing says "let's party!" like a rainbow sequin dress. Amazon has TONS of sequin dresses. Below is just one of them by Allegra K on Amazon! I love that this sequin dress comes in sizes X-small to 3X-large. So matter your size...you can wear this dress to a drag show!

rainbow sequin dress
Allegra K Party Dress

View on Amazon

A Sequin Shirt with Pants

Anything that is bright pink with sequins is just perfect for wearing to a drag show! This sequin outfit with pants, a bra, and a blouse is just perfect for wearing to a drag show!

hot pink sequin outfit
D&M Drop Shoulder Sequin Shirt

View on SHEIN

Anything with Feathers

A drag queen show is an excuse to dress up! Anything with feathers (or bling!) is just perfect for wearing to a drag show. Below are two fun dresses with feathers to wear to a drag show.

pink dress with feathers
TWGONE Sequin Dress

View on Amazon

This bustier dress with feathers (shown below) is more expensive, but it is so, so sexy! This dress is perfect for wearing to not only a drag show, but also to Vegas, for your birthday, or as a bachelorette party dress!

black bustier dress with feathers
Ramona Bustier Dress


Faux Leather Pants or Leggings

If you are going to a drag show in the wintertime, a dress may be a bit too cold! In this case, it's time to pull out the faux leather pants! The faux leather pants are amazing for wearing to a drag show and are a great Spanx leggings dupe! Check out this YouTube video to see a review of these faux leather leggings.

faux leather leggings to wear to a drag show
Retro Gong Leggings

View on Amazon

Accessories to Wear to a Drag Show

A drag show outfit isn't complete without the right accessories! Any necklace with bling would be perfect, as would body glitter, a bright and colorful clutch, or a clutch with feathers...drag queens are all about the feathers!

Purses to Wear to a Drag Show:

acrylic purse
Gets Acrylic Purse

View on Amazon

Any purse that stands out, that has bling, or that has feathers is perfect for wearing to a drag show!

black purse with feathers
Tessco Ostrich Feather Purse

View on Amazon

Jewelry to Wear to a Drag Show:

jewelry to wear to a drag show

View on Amazon

What to Wear to a Drag Show for Your Birthday

what to wear to a drag show for your birthday
Image via @lipsatl

If you are going to a drag show for your birthday, you may very well be called on stage! Any birthday party dress would be perfect, or a fun jumpsuit!

what to wear to a drag show on your birthday
Image via @lipsatl

If you want to go all out (and I recommend you do!) make sure to wear a birthday crown and cute heels to a drag show.

What to Wear to a Drag Show for Your Birthday

What to Wear to a Drag Show for Your Bachelorette Party

Heading to a drag show for your bachelorette party? If so, you are in for a good time! I saw girls wearing white bachelorette dresses at the drag show, while others wore sexy corset tops with jeans or sexy clubbing dresses! Feel free to wear whatever you want, and a bachelorette sash and a crown are definitely a must-have! I'd highly recommend a white cowboy bachelorette party hat too!

Bachelorette Drag Show Must-Haves:

Bachelorette Drag Show Clothes:

What to Wear to a Drag Show as a Man

what to wear to a drag show for men
Image via @lipsatl

As a guy, you may be wondering, “What the heck do guys wear to a drag show?” The good news is that you can wear anything! If jeans and a collared shirt are your vibe, go with that. However, you can also get creative. You can wear a wild and crazy Hawaiian shirt, a tailored suit in a bold pattern, or anything with bright and bold patterns. Really…you can wear anything you’d like as a guy attending a drag show. 

Below is one idea of a fun shirt for men to wear to a drag show:

men's shirt with pineapples

View on Amazon

Helpful Tips for Going to a Drag Show

Now that you've got your drag show outfit planned, here are some helpful tips to ensure you have an absolute blast at the drag show:

Bring Your Energy

Drag shows thrive on audience participation, so be prepared to cheer, holler, and clap. The performers feed off your energy, and your enthusiasm will make the show even more enjoyable. If you need to get some liquid courage before going to a drag show, it will ensure you have a blast!

Have Dollar Bills (Lots of Them!)

The drag show queens will very likely walk around the audience, lip-syncing and dancing while collecting tips. I’d recommend bringing at least $20 in 1-dollar bills.

No Smoking/No Vaping

Many drag shows happen as dinner and a show, or as brunch and a show – which means no smoking and no vaping. Just keep this in mind.

Know What You Are Getting Into

A drag show is just that…a drag show! You’ll very likely see men dressed up as women, and you’ll very likely see some costumes that are more revealing than a leotard. Just know what you are signing up for.

Be Ready to Snap Photos!

Many drag shows don’t just allow photos…they encourage it! Be ready to take photos and to post your experience on social media. Many drag shows LOVE that!


In conclusion, you can go all out for a drag show – and really wear what you want! Whether you want to wear a clubbing outfit, a sequin party dress, a dress with feathers, or a wild and crazy costume – a drag show is the place to do it! A drag show kind of reminds me of The Rocky Horror Picture Show…you can really wear anything!

Have you been to a drag show before? What did you end up wearing?

Please leave a comment below. I’d love, love, love to hear from you!!!

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