15 Fun Bachelorette Pool Party Themes and Ideas


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Bachelorette Pool Party Themes and Ideas

Bachelorette Pool Party Themes

Searching for bachelorette pool party themes?

Don’t worry…you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to plan an awesome bachelorette pool party.

Thankfully, there are lots of EASY and fun bachelorette pool party themes.

This guide is all about fun ad easy bachelorette pool party themes.

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

15 Fun and Easy Bachelorette Pool Party Themes

Below are my favorite bachelorette pool party ideas. 😊

You’ll also find ideas for bachelorette pool party decorations and floaties to go with each theme.

1. Flamingos

Bachelorette Pool Party Theme Flamingos
Flamingo Floaties!

This is such an easy bachelorette party theme! Just decorate with anything with a flamingo on it! 

View Flamingo Party Decorations

Below are my FAVORITE flamingo floats:

2. Barbie Pink

Bachelorette Pool Party Idea Theme with Barbie Pink
Fun and Creative!

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Need an easy bachelorette pool party idea? Go with barbie pink!

Get everyone matching bachelorette sarongs and hot pink swimsuits too.

Bachelorette Pool Party Swimsuit
Image via Etsy

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For the bachelorette pool party decorations, get flamingo floaties and hot pink decorations.

For the food, you can't go wrong with take-out from a local sandwich shop.

Barbie pink pool party decorations:

3. Classy Black and White

Bachelorette Pool Party Theme with Black and White
Photo: Marry Me Tampa Bay

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Have everyone wear black and white swimsuits for this easy bachelorette pool party theme.

For decorations, just get anything black and white!

4. It’s a Fiesta

Fiesta Bachelorette Pool Party Theme Idea
So Much Fun!

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There are TONS of things you can do for a Fiesta/Final Fiesta bachelorette pool party theme.

View Final Fiesta Decorations

You can get Mexican hats, margaritas, and matching final fiesta baseball hats for the entire party.

Final Fiesta Bachelorette Pool Party Hats
Available in 15+ Colors

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5. Tropical Fruits

Bachelorette Pool Party Theme with Tropical Fruits
Photo: Love Inc.

Get tropical-fruit floaties for everyone, and then serve lots of tropical fruits and mimosas!

You can also serve a tropical fruit cake at the bachelorette pool party, get matching beach towels with watermelons, and use yellow, pink, and orange decorations.

Tropical fruit bachelorette pool party ideas:

6. Unicorns and Rainbows

Bachelorette Pool Party Theme with Unicorn and Rainbows
Love Rainbows!

She found her unicorn! Decorate with anything rainbow-themed and with unicorns (like a float of course!) for this bachelorette pool party theme.

Rainbow and unicorn floats:

Bachelorette Pool Party Theme with Unicorns
Unicorn Floats for Drinks!

7. Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Bachelorette Pool Party Theme
Fun in the Sun!

For this bachelorette party theme, you just need one big decoration that says "Girls Just Wanna Have Sun." 

Then, get hot pink and green neon sunglasses and anything bright and colorful! 

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Pool Party Theme Idea
Photo: Abbie Mae Photography

Get bachelorette party pool decorations for Sun in the Sun theme:

8. Last Splash

Last Splash Bachelorette Pool Party Idea
Last Splash!

View on Amazon

Want an easy bachelorette party theme? Just get gigantic balloons that say “Last Splash” and then decorate with teal, hot pink, orange, and yellow.

9. Hawaiian Paradise

Bachelorette Pool Party Theme Tropical Vibes
Anything Tropical!

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Go with anything and everything tropical for this bachelorette pool party theme. You can get Hawaiian decorations online, tropical decorations to put in the drinks, and anything with flowers on it.

Get Hawaiian Bachelorette Pool Party Decorations:

10. Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Bachelorette Pool Pool Party Theme with Black and White and Diamond
Black and White!

Want an easy bachelorette pool party theme? Just get a gigantic blow-up ring.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend Decorations:

Then, have everyone wear matching black and white bachelorette party swimsuits. 

For the bachelorette pool party decorations, go with black and white.

View Black and White Decorations

11. Rosé a All Day (Light Pink)

Bachelorette Pool Party Theme Light Pink and White
Light Pink and White

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An easy bachelorette pool party theme is to go with light pink and white decorations. Make the theme "rose all day" and serve up rosé in classy wine glasses.

You can also get everyone matching light pink heart sunglasses.

Pink and White Bachelorette Pool Party Decorations:

12. Lost in the Desert

Bachelorette Pool Party Theme Lost in the Desert
Photo: Burnett's Boards

Going somewhere hot for your bachelorette party? Go with a desert theme with matching bachelorette sarongs and cactus decorations.

Bachelorette Pool Party Theme Desert with Matching Sarongs
Sarongs Come in Plus Size Too!

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For food and drink bachelorette pool party ideas, serve Tex Mex and margaritas. 

Bachelorette Pool Party Food Idea Mexican and Tex Mex
Yummy! Photo by Burnett's Boards

Desert Bachelorette Pool Party Decorations:

13. Last Splash: Mermaid-Themed Bachelorette Pool Party 

Dive into the fun with a Last Splash Mermaid-themed bachelorette pool party! Make a splash with mermaid-inspired decorations, snacks, and pool floats. 🧜‍♀️🌊🎉

Last Splash Bachelorette Pool Part T-Shirts
Image via Etsy

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Last Splash Bachelorette Pool Party Must-Haves:

14. Let's Get Nauti

A nautical-themed bachelorette pool party is a perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be's last hurrah before tying the knot.

Decorate the pool area with anchors, sailboats, and navy blue and white accents to bring the sea vibe to the party, and encourage guests to dress up in sailor hats and swimsuits to get nauti!

What You Need:

15. Palm Springs Vibes

For this bachelorette pool party theme, go with pops of color, retro pool floats, and classic cocktails. You can have fun with the drink cups too!

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