16 Cute Fall Outfits with Doc Martens Boots


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Cute Fall Outfits with Doc Martens Boots

Outfits with Doc Martens

If you are searching for fall outfits with Dr. Martens boots then check out these easy to copy outfits.

These fall outfits with Doc Martens boots are perfect for fall.

You can buy all of these cute outfits with Doc Martens boots on Amazon with just a few clicks. Talk about easy!

16 Cute Fall Outfits with Doc Martens Boots (and How to Copy the Outfits on Amazon)

These Dr. Martens outfit ideas include:

  • Cute fall outfits with Doc Martens boots
  • Chic outfits with Doc Martens
  • Affordable fall outfits with Doc Martens boots

1. Doc Martens Boots + Corduroy Dress

fall outfit with overalls, skirt, and Doc Marten Boots
Stylish AND Cute!

Get this Fall Outfit with a Dress and Dr. Martens Boots

2. Doc Martens Boots + Leopard Print Midi Skirt + Black Sweater

fall outfit with leopard print midi skirt and Doc Marten Boots
Photo by Styleholic

You will love this leopard print outfit with Doc Martens.

Copy this Fall Outfit Idea with a Leopard Skirt and Doc Marten Boots

3. Doc Martens Boots + Sweater + Skirt + Patterned Tights

fall outfit with skirt, sweater, and Dr. Martens Boots
Photo by Lucy's Whims

This Doc Martens outfit with a sweater, skirt, and tights is so stylish!

Get This Fall Outfit with Dr. Martens Boots

4. Doc Martens Boots + Cami Top + Jeans 

fall outfit with jeans and Dr. Martens combat boots
Photo by Danielle

You will love this cami top and jeans outfit with Doc Martens.

Get This Fall Outfit with Jeans and Dr. Martens Boots

5. Doc Martens Boots + Retro Dress

fall outfit with dress and Dr. Martens boots for women
Photo by Fashionbyvicky

Get This Cool Fall Outfit with Dr. Martens Boots

6. Leggings + Flannel Jacket + Doc Martens

fall outfit with Dr. Martens boots and black tights
Photo by fit Mommy in Heels

Get This Cute Fall Outfit with Doc Martens

7. Doc Martens + Checkered Pants 

Fall Outfit with Doc Martens and Checkered Pants
So Stylish!

9. Doc Martens + Sweater Dress + Leather Jacket

Fall Outfit with Doc Martens and a Sweater Dress
Sexy and Stylish!

10. Doc Martens + Cozy Sweater + Leggings 

Fall Outfit with doc Martens and Brown Sweater
Perfect for Winter Too!

11. Doc Martens Boots + Tights

Fall Outfit with Doc Martens Boots and Tights

You will LOVE this fall outfit with Doc Martens boots and tights.

12. Doc Marten Boots + Ripped Jeans

Grunge Fall Outfit with Doc Martens Boots
Just Add Ripped Jeans!

This casual fall outfit with Doct Martens boots is so trendy.

13. Doc Martens Boots + Black Jeans + Leather Jacket 

Fall Outfit with Dr. Martens Boots and Black Jacket
Just Wear all Black!

Pairing black Doc Martens with all black is always in style.

14. Doc Martens + Faux Leather Leggings + White Shirt 

Fall Outfit with Doc Martens

This is such a comfy outfit idea with Doc Martens! Plus, shiny black tights are IN right now.

RELATED: Outfits with Black Leggings 

15. Doc Martens + Midi Floral Dress + Leather Jacket 

Fall Outfit with Doc Martens and Midi Dress

This midi dress with a leather jacket and Doc Martens is so hip and cool.

16. Doc Martens + Sweater Dress with a High Slit

Doc Martens Outfit with Sweater Dress
Cozy Destination Black Ribbed Knit Midi Dress

View Sweater Dress on Lulus

This outfit with Doc Martens is comfy and perfect for fall and winter.

What to Wear with Doc Martens

Need tips on what to wear and what not to wear?

Here are tips on what to wear with Doc Martens.

1. Anything Dark

Black, dark red, and grey clothes look good with Dr.  Martens boots.

2. Mini Skirts and Midi Skirts

Mini skirts with tights look great. You want to show off the boots!

3. Retro T-Shirts

Simple t-shirts that are 80s inspired look great with Doc Martens.

4. Oversized Sweatshirts and Jackets

Anything loose fitting and oversized on top fits the chic Dr. Marten outfit style.

5. Hats and Sunglasses

Broad-brimmed hats and sunglasses look great with Dr. Marten boots.

What NOT to Wear with Doc Marten Boots

Please don't be aught wearing your cool Dr. Marten boots with these clothes!

1. Work Attire

Dr. Marten boots are well made and fashionable, but they are NOT work appropriate.

2. Bell Bottom Jeans

You want to show off your boots, not hide them.

3. Pastel Colors

Unless you are wearing white Doc Martens, stay away from pastel colors with the dark black and brown boots.

4. Workout Clothes

Save your casual sneakers for your workout outfits and athleisure outfits, not your Dr. Martens.

5. Dressy or Fancy Clothing

Dr. Martens are considered "casual." Don't wear your Dr. Martens for family photoshoots, date night, or special events. 

The Best Doc Martens Boots Dupes

Who doesn't love a good dupe on Amazon?

Women say that these black combat boots are BETTER than Doc Martens boots. 

Doc Martens Boots Dupes on Amazon
Comfy Lace Up Combat Boots!

View on Amazon

FAQs about Doc Martens Boots

Have a question that's not addressed below? Leave a comment!

Is there a difference between Doc Martens and Dr. Martens?

Not at all! The official brand name is "Dr. Martens" but many people refer to Dr. Martens boots as "Doc Martens."

Many people also misspell Doc Martens as "Doc Martins."  It's a common mistake!

Can you wear white Dr. Martens in the winter?

Absolutely! White Doc Martens are frequently worn in the summer as cute summer outfits.

However, you can wear white Doc Martens in the winter with black leggings, cropped jeans, and black tights with a skirt.

Why are Doc Martens boots so expensive?

It's simple economics: supply and demand. Dr. Martens are popular and can demand a high price.

Doc Martens are also made in England, where labor costs are higher than if they were made in a third world country.

Are Doc Martens still cool and popular?

Yes. In fact, interest (search volume) for Doc Martens has increased from 2018 to 2021. People in West Virginia, California, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon have particularly high search volumes for Doc Martens boots.

Doc Martens popularity over time
Source: Google Trends

What's the most popular Doc Martens boot?

The Doc Martens Chelsea boots have a particularly high search volume, suggesting that they are the most popular Doc Martens boots.

Can you wear Doc Martens in your 40s?

Girl...you can wear what you want! But I personally wouldn't recommend wearing Doc Martens boots or any combat boots in your 40s for work, even if you work in a business casual environment.

If you LOVE boots but want to dress up your outfit a little bit, go for quality knee high riding boots or boots like the Michael Kors booties.

Alternative to Outfits with Doc Martens: Outfits with Combat Boots

Like the look of Doc Martens boots, but not the price? Go with combat boots instead!

Leggings Outfit with Combat Boots

casual leggings outfit with combat boots
Photo by Merilee

Get this Outfit with Leggings and Combat Boots

More Outfit Ideas

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  1. You shouldn’t tell people ‘you personally don’t think’ people in their 40’s should wear docs – they are just boots – they are practical and versatile and there are so many styles – very ageist view

    1. Thank you for the comment! You are right. Women should wear whatever they want, wherever they want. =) I had a coworker who wore combat boots to work and it struck me as a bit unprofessional, but outside of work everyone should wear whatever makes them happy.

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