7 Stunning Desert Engagement Photo Ideas


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Desert Engagement Photo Ideas

Desert Engagement Photos

Do you want to get your engagement photos taken in the desert?

Desert engagement photos are so unique and stunning!

But what does one wear? What poses are great for desert engagement photos?

This engagement photoshoot guide is all about desert engagement photo ideas.

Continue scrolling to get ideas for your desert engagement photoshoot!

You will find desert engagement photoshoot outfits too!

Desert Engagement Photoshoot Ideas & Outfits

Have a great time getting your photos taken!

1. Wear Cowboy Hats

Wear cowboy hats and brown boots for cute desert engagement photos.

Desert Engagement Photos with Cowboy Hats
Dokotoo Mini Dress

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2. Pose in Front of a Cactus

I love this boho/desert vibes engagement photoshoot idea! You will love this white boho dress. This is one of the best boho dresses of all time! 

Desert Engagement Photos
Bdcoco Boho Dress

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3. Jump Up and Kiss Each Other

Desert Engagement Photos
Dress by Yimeili on Amazon

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I love this enagement photo pose. It's so much fun!

4. Capture Engagement Photos at Sunset

Desert Engagement Photos
Eleter V-Neck Dress

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Taking your desert engagement photos right when the sun is setting will result in beautiful photos!

5. Wear a Flowy Burgundy Dress

Desert Photoshoot Dress
Floerns Maxi Dress

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Okay, this obviously isn't a photo of an engagement photoshoot, but this dress is stunning! If you want a red dress for your desert engagement photos, get this one!

6. Smile at Each Other While Walking

Desert Engagement Photos
Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography

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Hate posing for the camera? Simply interlink arms and smile at each other while walking.

7. Stand on a Rock

Desert Engagement Photos
Photo by Jenna Bechtholt

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Taking your desert engagement photos near rocks is stunning!

Props for Desert Engagement Photos

You really don’t need much in the way of props for desert engagement photos.

Instead, use the background of the desert!

If you want to hold flowers, this boho décor bouquet is perfect.

Desert Photoshoot Flowers
86 Piece Flower Bouquet

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Best Colors to Wear for a Desert Engagement Photoshoot

Many women wear white boho dresses for their desert engagement photos.

However, dark blue, emerald green, and burgundy dresses look amazing and really pop against the sandy background.

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