20 Best Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

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Birthday Photoshoot Outfits and Ideas

Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Are you searching for birthday photoshoot outfit ideas?

Whether you are celebrating your 30th birthday, your 40th birthday, or your 50th birthday…you have lots of options when it comes to birthday photoshoot outfits!

This fashion guide is all about birthday photoshoot outfits and ideas for women.

Continue scrolling for ideas on what to wear to your birthday photoshoot.

You’ll also find birthday photoshoot concepts to copy too!

20 Fun Birthday Photoshoot Outfits and Ideas 

Below you will find 50th Birthday Photoshoot Ideas, 40th Birthday Photoshoot Outfit Ideas, 30th Birthday Photoshoot Outfit Ideas, Outfits for 21st birthday, 16th birthday, and 17th birthday photoshoots!

Have a great birthday photoshoot!

1. Wear Pink Sequins and Hold Balloons

Birthday Photoshoot Outfit Pink Dress with Heels
Sizes: X-Small to 3X-Large

View Dress on Amazon

This pink dress is super cute and looks great in photos!

Pink Birthday Photoshoot Dress Outfit
So Cute!

View Dress on Amazon

This sequin glitter dress is less than $85 on Amazon and is super cute! 

2. Pour Yourself a Glass of Champagne

Birthday Photoshoot Idea Pouring a Glass of Champagne
Skirt: Sizes X-Small to 5X-Large on Amazon

View Green Skirt on Amazon

This birthday photoshoot outfit in green and gold is PERFECT for fall!

3. Wear a Sexy Gold Sequin Dress

Plus Size 40th Birthday Party Photo Shoot Dress
So Glamorous!

View Dress on Amazon

For a glamorous birthday photoshoot, wear a gold dress and toss confetti around! 

4. Go with a Girly Pink Theme

Cute 40th Birthday Party Photo Shoot Pink Outfit
So Cute!

5. Wear a Gold Bodysuit and a Crown

40th Birthday Photoshoot Idea with Gold Medusa Bodysuit on Black Woman
So Sexy!

View on Amazon

6. Go with Gold Sparkles

Plus Size Birthday Photoshoot Outfit 50th
Perfect for a 50th Birthday!

View Top on Amazon

Get this 50th Birthday Photoshoot Outfit: One Shoulder Top | Cream Skirt

This sequin shirt is from Amazon and fits plus-size women perfectly!

You can't go wrong with wearing gold for a 50th birthday photoshoot.

7. Go Classy and Simple in All Black 

50th Birthday Photoshoot
Classy and Fun!

View Skirt on Amazon

This classy birthday photoshoot outfit is perfect for a 50th birthday photoshoot!

8. Wear Black and Silver

50th Birthday Photoshoot Outfit
Skirt: Sizes Up to 5X

Get this fun birthday photoshoot outfit: Black Skirt 

This 50th birthday party outfit for photoshoots is FUN!

9. Have Fun in a Pink and Black Outfit and a Picnic!

Birthday Photoshoot Outfit Pink and Black
Fun and Flirty!

View Skirt on Amazon

Want to have some fun with your birthday photoshoot? Wear a big, pink tulle tutu skirt!

10. Wear Orange and Sparkles and Celebrate with Cake

30th Birthday Party Photoshoot Outfit
Fun and Festive!

View Shirt on Amazon

Get this 30th Birthday Photo Outfit: Sparkly Shirt | Orange Skirt

11. Wear Cream and White and Hold Balloons

Birthday Photoshoot Outfit Cream and White
So Cute!

View Skirt on Amazon

Get this Birthday Photoshoot Outfit: Cream Skirt | White Shirt | Princess Crown

12. Wear a Sexy Black Robe 

Sexy 35th Birthday Photoshoot Outfit
So Sexy!

View Black Robe on Amazon

Go with a robe for sexy birthday photoshoot idea!

13. Wear All Black

50th Birthday Photoshoot Idea
Dress: Sizes 2 to 26 Plus

View Ball Gown Dress on Amazon

This is a great birthday photoshoot idea for 50th birthday photos!

14. Wear a Maxi Cocktail Dress

40th Birthday photoshoot idea and outfit
Floerns Maxi Party dress

View Dress on Amazon

This black dress is sexy! I love this 40th birthday photoshoot idea.

15. Incorporate Colored Smoke

Birthday Photoshoot Idea with Colored Pink Smoke
Tulle Skirt: Sizes X-Small to 5X on Amazon

View Tulle Skirt on Amazon

This birthday photoshoot idea is so creative!

16. Hold Up Balloons with Your Age

Birthday Photoshoot Idea with Balloons
Sparkly Dress: Sizes X-Small to 3X-Large on Amazon

View Sparkly Dress on Amazon

Lots of women hold up balloons with their age for a birthday photoshoot. This birthday photoshoot idea is easy and fun!

17. Incorporate Your College's Colors and Name

Birthday Photoshoot Idea
Tulle Skirt: Sizes X-Small to 5X-Large on Amazon

View Tulle Skirt on Amazon

Love your college? Then why not dress up in your college's colors for a birthday photoshoot?

18. Have Birthday Balloons Take You Away

Birthday Photoshoot Idea with Balloons
Tulle Skirt: Sizes X-Small to 5XL on Amazon

View Tulle Skirt on Amazon

Hold up birthday balloons and lift up one leg. The birthday balloons are taking you away!

19. Snap a Photo with Champagne, a Birthday Cake, and Balloons!

50th Birthday Photoshoot Idea
Image via Amazon

View Skirt on Amazon

20. Take Photos on a Bridge Holding Birthday Balloons

16th birthday photoshoot idea
Image via Amazon

View Dress on Amazon

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