17 Best Bridesmaid Pajama Sets on Amazon of 2024


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cute and cheap bridesmaid pajama sets on Amazon

Best Bridesmaid Pajama Sets

Looking for affordable bridesmaid pajama sets? I've got you covered!

Matching pajama sets for bridesmaids is a popular and fun gift idea. But bridesmaid pajamas can be expensive. That's why I've researched and found the best affordable options.

In this wedding guide, I'll show you beautiful and budget-friendly bridesmaid pajamas. From cute sets under $35 to cotton, silk, satin, and floral-printed options, I've got it all covered.

Say goodbye to the stress of finding affordable bridesmaid pajama sets. Let's dive into this delightful world of stylish sleepwear!

Best Bridesmaid Pajama Sets on Amazon: Affordable and Cute!

All of these bridal party pajama sets are on Amazon. Talk about easy!

Here are the best cheap bridesmaid matching pajama sets for your bridesmaids. Happy shopping!

These are the best bridesmaid pajama sets on Amazon in my opinion. 😊

1. Cutest Bridesmaid Pajama Sets: Palm Leaf Pajama Set in Pink by Floerns

cheap bridesmaid pajama set in light pink with tropical leaves by Floern
Floerns Women's Notch Collar Palm Leaf Pajama Set

View on Amazon

These light pink and green, tropical pajamas are perfect for a spring or summer wedding – or any wedding in a beachy location!

These light pink pajamas with palm leaves are so darling! Just make sure to order up a size. These cute pajama sets tend to run small.

tropical bridesmaid pajamas
Image via Amazon

View on Amazon

These pajamas are super cute, but the reviews on Amazon are a bit mixed.

Read the reviews and decide for yourself!

2. Best Tropical Cheap Bridesmaid Pajama Sets: Green Leaf Pajama Set by Floerns

cheap bridesmaid pajamas by Floerns Women's Notch Collar Palm Leaf Print Sleepwear Two Piece Pajama Set in green
Floerns Pajama Sets in Green

View on Amazon

These pajamas are so much fun! They make for great pictures.

These green leaf bridesmaid pajama sets by Floerns are PERFECT if your wedding is happening at the beach or somewhere tropical.

Green Tropical Bridesmaid Pajama Sets
Perfect for Beach Weddings!

View on Amazon

These tropical bridesmaid pajamas are so much fun!

Tropical Bridesmaid Pajamas
So Fun and Tropical!

View on Amazon


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3. Best Cheap Bridesmaid Pajama Sets with Pants: SWOMOG Silk Satin Pajamas with Long Sleeves

cheap bridesmaid pajamas in navy blue silk with pants and long sleeves
Silk Satin Pajamas Long Sleeve Loungewear Pajama Set

View on Amazon

These silky blue pajamas are great for winter and fall weddings. The material is beautiful, soft, and classy.

Women love how soft and silky these pajamas are! Very comparable to Victoria's Secret pajamas.

5. Best Cheap Cotton Bridesmaid Pajama Sets: I Do Crew Pajamas by Just Love

I Do Crew cheap bridesmaid pajamas
I Do Crew Bridesmaid Pajamas

View on Amazon

These “I Do Crew” pajamas are so much fun! These matching PJs are perfect for a bachelorette party weekend.

These pajama sets are perfect for bachelorette photoshoots. These cheap bridesmaid pajamas run a bit small, so order a size up.

These bridesmaid pajamas are also available in plus size (up to 3X).

6. Best Plus Size Cheap Bridesmaid Pajama Sets: TIKTIK Pajamas Set Short Sleeve Sleepwear 

cheap bridesmaid pajama sets in navy blue cotton by TIKTIK
So comfortable!

View on Amazon

These navy blue pajamas are so classy AND so, so comfortable! These pajamas have a roomier fit and women love the jersey cotton. You could like in these pajamas for days!

These pajamas also come in more colors on Amazon.

7. Monogram Bridal Party Pajama Shorts

Cute Cheap Bridal Party Monogram Pajama Shorts
So Cute!

View on Etsy

8. Bridal Party Sleep Shirt Pajamas

Cheap Bridesmaid and Bridal Party Pajama Shirts with Polka Dots
Monogram Available!

View on Etsy

Cute Bridesmaid Matching Pajama Shirts
So Cute!

View on Etsy

9. Light Pink and White Bridesmaid Pajama Shirts

Personalized Bridesmaid Pajamas Personalized Sleep Shirts Bridesmaid Pajamas Bridesmaid Button Down Shirts w/ Name Getting Ready
So Pretty!

View on Etsy

10. Personalized Bridesmaid Pajama Sets in Silk/Satin

Light Blue Personalized and Monogram Bridesmaid and Bachelorette Party Pajamas for Getting Ready
5/5 Star Reviews!

View on Etsy

Light Pink Cheap Bachelorette Party Silk and Satin Pajamas for Getting Ready
Sizes Up to 2X-Large

View on Etsy

11. Best Classy Bridesmaid Pajama Sets on Amazon: Khaki Floral Pajamas by Floerns

cute khaki, cream floral cheap bridesmaid pajama sets by Floerns
So Pretty in Khaki/Cream!

View on Amazon

These khaki/cream and floral print pajamas are so cute for bridesmaids.

12. Best Fun Bridesmaid Pajama Sets on Amazon: Flamingo Pajamas by Floerns

cute flamingo pajama set with shorts on Amazon
Cute PJs with Flamingos

View on Amazon

Who doesn’t love pink flamingos? These cotton bridesmaid pajamas are so fun.


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13. Best Cotton Bridesmaid Pajamas on Amazon: Floerns Notch Collar Pajamas

cute light blue and pink matching pajama sets for bridesmaids on Amazon
Mix and Match Light Blue and Pink

View on Amazon

You can’t go wrong with light blue or light pink cute pajama sets for your bridal party.

cute cotton matching bridesmaid pajama sets in pink on Amazon
So Soft and Cute!

View on Amazon


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14. Best Black ridesmaid Pajamas in Cotton: Floerns Notch Collar Pajamas

cute black matching pajamas for bridesmaids in bulk on Amazon
So Pretty and Classy in Black

View on Amazon

Black is so simple and sophisticated. Plus, your bridesmaids will be able to wear these cute pajamas AFTER the bachelorette party/wedding.

15. Best Silk Bridesmaid Pajama Sets on Amazon: Serendelicacy Pajamas

dusty blue satin silk bridesmaid pajama sets by Serendelicacy
Serenedelicacy Women's Satin Pajama Set

View on Amazon

These bridesmaid pajamas on Amazon are so soft! I personally LOVE these pajamas...not just for bridesmaids but for daily use. Plus, these pajamas are one of my favorite Amazon fashion finds of all time!

bridesmaid pajamas on Amazon
Image via Amazon

View on Amazon

16. Best Floral Bridesmaid Pajama Sets on Amazon: LYCY Pajamas Set

best floral bridesmaid pajama sets on Amazon
LYCY Pajamas Set

View on Amazon

17. Best Burgundy Bridesmaid Pajama Sets on Amazon: Ekouaer Satin Pajamas

Burgundy Bridesmaid Pajama Sets on Amazon: Ekouaer Satin Pajamas
Ekouaer Satin Pajamas

View on Amazon

Best Bridesmaid Silk Satin Pajamas

If you are specifically searching for the best silk bridesmaid pajamas, then check out these bridesmaid silk/satin pajamas on Amazon.

These bridesmaid pajamas get excellent reviews are so, so cute and soft!

Bridesmaid Matching Silk Floral Pajama Shirts

Bridesmaid Silk Pajamas Floral Print
Customizable Too!

View Bridesmaid Pajama Shirts on Amazon

Light Pink Silk Satin Bridesmaid Pajamas

Bridesmaid Silk Satin Pajamas
Available in 25+ Colors

View Bridesmaid Pajamas on Amazon

SweatyRocks Satin Pajama Set

Satin Bridesmaid Pajamas in light blue, navy blue, and pink
So Pretty!

View Bridesmaid Pajamas on Amazon

SWOMOG Silk Satin Bridesmaid Pajamas

Red and Pink Bridesmaid Satin Pajamas
So Cute in Red and Pink!

View Bridesmaid Pajamas on Amazon

SWOMOG Black, White, and Pink Bridesmaid Pajamas

Bridesmaid Black, White, and Pink Pajamas
So Cute!

View Bridesmaid Pajamas on Amazon

Luxury Bridesmaid Pajamas

Want to treat your bridesmaids to REALLY soft pajamas? Then check out these bridesmaid pajamas with long sleeves and shorts.

Bridesmaid Pajamas with Long Sleeve Shirts and Shorts
Available in White, Pink, Navy Blue, and Black

View Pajamas on Amazon

Super Cute Matching Rompers on Amazon for Getting Ready

If you are open to getting matching rompers for your bridal party instead, check out these super cute matching rompers!

cute matching bridesmaid floral rompers for getting ready outfits
Perfect for Getting Ready Parties and Photos

View on Amazon

More Cute Pajama Ideas on Amazon for Your Bridal Party

If you can afford it, get your bridal party cute slippers and face masks too!

Bridal Party “I Do Crew” Slippers

bridal party I Do crew slippers for bridesmaid gift in black and pink
I Do Crew Slippers

View on Amazon

These matching “I Do Crew” slippers for the bride and bridesmaids are so cute!

Bridal Party Cozy Cream Slippers

Parlovable cozy, soft slippers on Amazon in pink, grey, white, and beige
Super Cozy and Soft

View on Amazon

These super soft, cozy slippers by the Parlovable Store are a fan favorite.

Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask

cute light pink soft sleeping eye mask for bridal party and bridesmaids
Soft Satin Sleeping Mask

View on Amazon

I own this sleep mask and LOVE it! I’ve had it for 5 years now and it is still soft…and I’ve washed it multiple times too!

Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Pajama Sets

Keep these things in mind when ordering cheap bridesmaid pajama sets online.

1. Shipping costs

How much is shipping? With Amazon Prime shipping is free, but other sites may charge you!

2. Sizes available

Do the pajama sets come in size XL for larger women?

3. Material

Do you want silk/satin or cotton?

4. Shorts or pants

Do you want shorts or pants for your pajama sets? Go with shorts for spring or summer and pants for winter.

5. Color

What color pajamas do you want? It can be fun if the color goes along with your wedding colors.

6. Price

How much do the pajama sets cost? If you are buying for 10+ people, an extra $5 per pajama set can add up!

Where to Find Bridesmaid Pajamas Sets for Under $35

Amazon is my #1 recommendation for shopping for bridesmaid pajama sets. However, there are more places to shop for affordable bridesmaid pajama sets.

Where to Buy Cheap Bridesmaid Pajama Sets

1. Etsy

Etsy is great for finding affordable bridesmaid pajama sets with personalization.

2. Amazon

As mentioned above, Amazon is my go-to for affordable bridesmaid pajama sets.


Shein is so cheap! Shein is great for finding cheap bridesmaid pajama sets under $20.

4. Target

Target always has super cute pajamas for women.

RELATED: Cutest Pajamas for Women

5. Birdy Grey

Birdy Grey can be expensive, but they have affordable bridesmaid pajamas if there is a sale going on.

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