15 Best Honeymoon Dresses Under $100


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honeymoon dresses and honeymoon outfits for women

Honeymoon Dresses

After your wedding comes the best part…your honeymoon!

You’ll likely want to pack a sexy bridal robe for your honeymoon, cute daytime outfits, cute beach vacation dresses, and an assortment of dresses for the daytime and evening.

You’ll likely want to pack casual dresses for your honeymoon, but you probably want sexy dresses to wear on your honeymoon too! 😉

If you are searching for a honeymoon dress (or maybe 2 or 3!), you are in luck. This guide is all about the best honeymoon dresses.

So whether you are heading off to the beach for your honeymoon, a fancy resort, or somewhere outside of the country (like Jamaica!), you’ll find the perfect honeymoon dress in this guide.

This guide on the best honeymoon dresses includes: where to buy honeymoon dresses, the best honeymoon dresses for women (including cute babydoll dresses and white honeymoon dresses), and tips on choosing the best honeymoon dress for you!

Where to Buy Honeymoon Dresses

Not sure where to buy a honeymoon dress?

Below are my top recommendations on where to look first.

Lulus for Honeymoon Dresses

Lulus has so many stunning honeymoon dresses!

You will find cute midi honeymoon dresses, cute babydoll dresses for your honeymoon, and white honeymoon dresses that are absolutely stunning!

Shop Lulus

Amazon for Honeymoon Dresses

Amazon has a LOT of cute dresses to choose from, and most are under $50! Amazon has cute honeymoon outfits too!

Shop Amazon

Windsor for Sexy Honeymoon Dresses

Windsor has a variety of sexy honeymoon dresses.

Shop Windsor


CUPSHE has cute tropical maxi dresses and honeymoon dresses perfect for the beach.



REVOLVE has sexy yet classy honeymoon dresses for women. The dresses on REVOLVE are a bit pricey, but you will find the most stunning honeymoon dresses from REVOLVE.


Kenny Flowers

In addition to having cute bachelorette party matching sarongs, Kenny Flowers has super cute resort dresses perfect for honeymoon!

You’ll also find matching swimsuits and cute sarongs to wear on your honeymoon.

Shop Kenny Flowers

Best Honeymoon Dresses for Women (Under $200)

Below are honeymoon dresses that get amazing reviews from women.

You’ll find white honeymoon dresses, honeymoon dresses for the beach, cute babydoll dresses, and sexy dresses for your honeymoon!

1. Sexy Red Maxi Dress by Lulus

Sexy Red Honeymoon Dress with Cutouts
Sizes: XS to XL

View on Lulus

2. LILBETTER Ruffle White Dress

cute white off shoulder maxi vacation dress
LILBETTER Off-Shoulder Dress

View on Amazon

3. Eytino Babydoll Honeymoon Dress

Babydoll Honeymoon Dress with Long Sleeves
Sizes: Small to X-Large

View on Amazon

4. AM CLOTHES Summer Beach Dress

AM Clothes cute beach vacation dress with off the shoulder floral print
So Feminine and Cute!

View on Amazon

5. Trancoso Cloral Two Piece Maxi Dress

honeymoon outfit with skirt
Image via Lulus

View on Lulus

This two piece skirt and crop top outfit is so, so cute!! You'll love this dress for your honeymoon, especially if you are honeymooning in a tropical place like Hawaii and going to a luau! This dress is well made and can be casual or dressed up. Plus, this dress is so, so comfortable!!

6. Floerns Two Piece Honeymoon Outfit

Cute Two Piece Outfit with Polka Dots for Honeymoon and Vacation
Sizes: X-Small to X-Large

View on Amazon

7. Floerns Boho Off Shoulder Dress

off shoulder red beach vacation dress
Floerns Women's Boho Floral Dress

View on Amazon

8. ECOWISH Front Tie Beach Vacation Dress

cute red beach vacation dress with front tie
ECOWISH Summer Dress

View on Amazon

9. Blooming Jelly V Neck Maxi Dress

Halter beach vacation tropical maxi dress
Blooming Jelly V Neck Dress

View on Amazon

10. Two Piece Floral Midi Dress

Cute Two Piece Floral Honeymoon Outfit
Sizes: XS to XL

View on Lulus

This darling two piece midi dress is perfect for wearing on your honeymoon. This cute outfit is also perfect for a summer date night outfit.

11. Tropical Palm Dress

red palm maxi dress outfit for resort vacation
Photo by Allie Hunter

View on Amazon

12. Two-Piece Maxi Dress

Two Piece White Tropical Beach Vacation Outfit and Resort Outfit for Women
Away On Vacay White Two-Piece Maxi Dress

View on Lulus

13. Emerald Green Floral Satin Maxi Dress

honeymoon dinner dress
Image via Lulus

View on Lulus

This emerald green dress is perfect for wearing out to dinner on your honeymoon, especially if you are going somewhere beachy and tropical! The side slit on this dress is just sexy enough! Plus, this dress has a tie around the waist, which means it is adjustable! Best of all...you can wear this dress again as a destination wedding guest dress or as a beach wedding guest dress!

14. Floerns Green and Yellow Beach Dress

cute maxi green and yellow beach vacation dress
Floerns Women's Tropical Floral Print Halter Dress

View on Amazon

15. Style Twist Orange Twist Cutout Midi Dress

orange honeymoon dress
Image via Lulus; sizes XS to XL

View on Lulus

If you love cutout midi dresses, then this dress is a MUST for your honeymoon! This cutout midi dress comes in orange (perfect for tan or darker skin tones), grey, olive green, tan, and black! This dress looks great with sneakers (for walking around on your honeymoon) and heels! Plus, you'll wear this dress again and again for any tropical vacation

How to Choose the Perfect Honeymoon Dress for You

When it comes to finding the perfect honeymoon dress, you really can’t go wrong!

Just choose whichever dress you LOVE that makes you feel confident and sexy.

If you are a casual dress sort of girl, wear that on your honeymoon!

If you love a sexy cutout dress, go ahead and wear that!

The key is to find a honeymoon dress that flatters your body type and makes you feel happy when you put it on! 😊

Conclusion – The Best Honeymoon Dresses for You

In conclusion, there are lots of cute and sexy dresses to choose from for your honeymoon.

So, whether you want to spend $45 on a dress or $400+ on a honeymoon dress, there is a honeymoon dress out there that will look great on you!

Matching Honeymoon Outfits for Couples

Matching swimsuits isn’t just for your bachelorette party.

It can be really fun to get matching honeymoon outfits too

If you are searching for matching honeymoon outfits for couples, then you’ll want to check out this guide with matching vacation outfits for couples.

What to Pack for Your Honeymoon

In addition to packing a cute honeymoon dress (or two, or three!), don’t forget to pack these essentials! 😊

1. A super cute swimsuit cover up

I recommend a sexy crochet cover up or a classy white linen cover-up for your honeymoon.

2. At least two swimsuits

You can’t go wrong with a white swimsuit or a cute monokini swimsuit for your honeymoon. Both styles are sexy!!

(Or go even sexier, and wear a thong monokini!)

3. White Pajamas and a Bridal Robe

You can be both sexy and sweet in the honeymoon suite!

These white bridal pajamas and these luxury bridal robes are stunning!

4. A Beach Hat (or Two!)

A broad-brimmed hat can make any outfit look classy and fun.

Go with a fun Fedora hat or a broad-brimmed beach hat for your honeymoon.

5. Cute Underwear

Of course…a girl needs underwear! Lots of women love the seamless thongs by Hanky Panky on Amazon.

6. The Essentials (Shorts, T-Shirts, Socks)

Of course, you’ll need to pack walking/hiking shorts, cute t-shirts or tank tops, and socks for your honeymoon.

7. Beach Essentials

If you are heading off to the beach, check out this beach packing list to get the essentials you need.

8. Pants and a Sweatshirt (in case it gets cold)

In case it gets cold at night, you may want a cute loungewear outfit or a hoody to keep you warm.

9. Jeans and a Jacket

Classy black jeans (or wide-leg jeans) and a cute leather jacket are always useful clothing items to pack for a honeymoon.

10. Makeup and Perfume

And of course…don’t forget to pack your favorite makeup (check out my go-to travel makeup).

You may also want to pack a fun, beachy perfume for your honeymoon, especially if you are going somewhere tropical!

11. Casual and Tropical Dresses

Make sure to throw extra dresses into your suitcase too.

You may want to buy cute casual dresses for walking around town or wear one of these tropical dresses that are just perfect for a beach vacation!

FAQs about What to Wear on Your Honeymoon

Here are a few FAQs about what to wear on your honeymoon and honeymoon dresses.

What are the best colors for a honeymoon dress?

When it comes to the best colors for a honeymoon dress, there is no rule!

You can wear white, pink, orange, blue, or tan.

Go with whatever colors look best on you!

RELATED: Best Colors for Blondes to Wear

What kind of dress did Kajal Aggarwal wear on her honeymoon?

Kajal Aggarwal wore a red dress and a two piece blue dress on her honeymoon.

The red dress worn by Kajal Aggarwal on her honeymoon is by Rat & Boa.

Kajal Aggarwal Red Honeymoon Dress
Dress by Rat & Boa

The red maxi dress with a halter neck and ruffles is really expensive! 

Thankfully, you can buy a similar dress online by REVOLVE.

Kajal Aggarwal Honeymoon Dress Look Alike
Dress by Sau Lee


The two piece outfit worn by Kajal Aggarwal is a cute checkered print blue and white dress.

Kajal Aggarwal two piece honeymoon outfit dress
So Cute!

You can buy a similar two piece dress/outfit on Amazon!

Cute Two Piece Outfit and Dress in Blue and White by Angashion
15+ Colors and Designs on Amazon

View on Amazon

What should I pack for my honeymoon?

There are several honeymoon packing lists out there.

A few essentials to pack for your honeymoon are below.

What to Pack for Your Honeymoon

  • a cute fedora hat and/or a beach hat,
  • a sexy swimsuit,
  • an oversized purse for travel,
  • a cute crossbody bag for daytime,
  • a clutch for the evening,
  • strappy sandals, heels, walking shoes or white sneakers,
  • at least 4 dresses (cutout dress, mini dress or midi dress, tropical dress, and dinner dress),
  • a blazer or cardigan,
  • one set of workout shorts and a t-shirt (in case you go on a hike or do something active!),
  • a sexy swimsuit cover-up (like a crochet cover up),
  • a sexy nightie or babydoll night-gown,
  • underwear and socks (of course!),
  • makeup for travel,
  • shorts or capri pants,
  • jeans,
  • a cute top,
  • flip-flops for the beach,
  • and your husband!

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Check out these guides with ideas on what to wear for your honeymoon.

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