10 Best February Nail Colors to Wear Right Now


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February nail colors

February Nail Colors

It’s fun to switch up your nail polish color monthly (if not more), but it can be hard to decide which nail polish color to wear in February!

Of course, pink and red are great nail polish colors for February (thanks to Valentine’s Day), but what other nail polish colors are great?

If you are searching for inspiration for your nails this February, continue scrolling to find the best February nail polish colors.

Below you will find a mix of red and pink nail polishes for February, as well as some other fun February nail polish colors.

Best Nail Polish Colors for February

Below are nail polish colors to wear this February. These February nail polish colors are trending right now. 

Winter is still here, but March (and spring break!) is right around the corner, which means you can wear wintery nail polish colors (like a snowy-inspired blue nail polish) or you can wear more spring-inspired colors (like coral and peach).

1. Fuchsia

February nail polish
Image via @hotlis_nails

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This flashy pink and purple color is fun and cheerful!

Nail polish color shown is Flashbulb Fuchsia by OPI.

2. Bright Red

February nail polish big apple red
Image via @aquarellasalon2017

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Any red nail polish will do. It's Valentine's Day month after all!

This nail polish color is Big Apple Red by OPI.

3. Baby Pink

February nail polish light pink
Image via @tngpines

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Light pink is perfect for winter and spring. Plus, light pink is professional and perfect for wearing with a cute, girly Valentine's Day outfit!

Color shown is OPI Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon.

4. Violet

Purple nail polish for February
Image via @cosmeticsplus

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Brilliant purple is perfect for wearing in late February/early March (around spring break time!).

The February nail color shown is Violet Visionary by OPI.

5. Shimmery Pink

February nail polish ILNP bliss
Image via @davi.x3

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This nail polish color is classy and pretty!

Color shown is Bliss by ILNP.

6. Coral

February nails coral
Image via @manisandlattes

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This cheerful color is so cute for February nails!

Color shown is OPI Got Myself Into a Jam-Balaya.

7. Light Green

February nail polish light green
Image via @nailjoyable

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Light green is wintery and summery at the same time. When it's cold in February, you can wear this nail polish and pretend you are enjoying gelato on the beach!

February nail polish color shown is Gelato on My Mind by OPI.

8. Bold Red

OPI We the Female Nail Polish
Image via @dorismarbeautyxo

With Valentine's Day being in February, going with a bold red nail polish is perfect! This color is OPI in We the Female.

9. Dark Purple

OPI Shh...It's Top Secret! nail polish
Image via @dorismarbeautyxo

When it's cold outside, going with a dark nail polish color is perfect! This February nail polish color is "Shh...It's Top Secret!" by OPI.

10. Sparkly Blue

February nail polish colors
Image via @pop_polished

When it's cold outside, a sparkly blue nail polish is perfect! This sparkly blue nail polish color for February is OPI in "The Pearl of Your Dreams" from their infinite shine collection.

February Nail Polish Colors to Avoid

With spring right around the corner, and fall far, far away, I would recommend against any of these nail colors for February.

  • Brown: Save brown nail polish for the fall!
  • Light Blue: Light blue nail polish is perfect for winter. For February, go with a brighter nail polish color.
  • Orange: Bright colors like orange and hot pink are better for summer.
  • Olive Green: Olive green is great for fall. It’s kind of blah for February.
  • White: White is great for summer and for winter. It just isn’t as fitting for February.
  • Black: Black is just too dark for February. Save black nail polish for the fall or winter.

Summary – February Nail Polish Colors

In summary, you can really wear any nail polish color in February, but some colors are better than others.

Which nail polish color are you loving for February?

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think!

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