27 Rave Festival Outfits to Party All Night Long

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Rave Festival Outfits

Rave Festival Outfits

Are you heading off to a rave festival?

It can be a bit tricky to figure out what to wear to a rave festival.

The best rave festival outfits for women include booty shorts, sequins, two-piece outfits with fringe, sunglasses, crop tops, glitter, and metallic.

Basically…wear anything fun, sexy, and wild to a rave festival. 😊

This guide is all about what to wear to a rave festival and where to buy rave festival outfits.

If you are searching for rave festival outfit ideas, check out these rave festival outfits below.  🥳

P.S. – You may also want to check out these music festival outfits and these disco rave outfits for more rave festival outfit ideas.

Cute and Sexy Rave Festival Outfits You Can Buy Online

Below are cute and sexy rave festival outfits. Have a blast!!!

1. White Cowboy Hat + Tank Top + Jeans

For an easy rave outfit, simply wear a statement white cowboy hat with a tank top and jeans!

festival cowboy hat
Image via REVOLVE


2. Bodysuit with Stars

Bodysuits are a must-have for rave festivals. Look for a sheer bodysuit (to wear over a tank top or a bra) with sequins or stars. To complete this sexy rave outfit, wear celestial themed earrings and orange or red eyeshadow. 

Rave Festival Outfit with Stars and Mesh
Love This Outfit!

View on Etsy

3. White Bodysuit

To make a statement at your next rave festival, wear a white bodysuit! This is a great rave outfit to wear with black combat boots!

White Music Festival Outfit with Doc Marens and White See Through jumpsuit
Perfect for a Rave Festival

View on Etsy

4. Holographic Two Piece

For a fun and sparkly rave outfit, you can never go wrong with sequins or a holographic outfit! To complete this rave outfit, wear fishnet tights and black combat boots or sexy thigh high boots.

Rave Festival Silver Outfit
Fun in Silver

View on Amazon

5. Reflective Crop Top + Jean Shorts

A cute crop top with jean shorts and combat boots is an easy rave outfit idea, and perfect for summer! Wear your hair in space buns and put glitter all over your face.

Reflective Top for Rave Festival Outfit
So Cute!!

View on Amazon

6. Feather Set

Want to stand out? Check out the rave outfits on Etsy, like this feather set, to really make a statement. Look for unique glasses on Amazon and vintage necklaces or statement jewelry.

Burning Man Rave Outfit Coachella Outfit Festival Outfit with Blue Feathers
Sizes: Small to Large

View on Etsy

7. Holographic Tinsel Outfit

Sequin Tinsel Fringe Rave Outfit for Music Festival
Bra Sizes: Up to 38D

View on Etsy

8. Blue Velvet Outfit

Blue Rave Velvet Outfit with Stars
Sizes up to XL

View on Etsy

9. Tulle Mesh Skirt

Long Tulle Rave Festival Skirt Outfit
Sizes Up to 52" for Waist

View on Etsy

10. Rave Bra

Pink Rave Festival Outfit Bikini Top and Bra for Coachella and Lollapalooza
Sizes: Small to Large

View on Etsy

11. Leopard Print Crop Top

Leopard Print Crop Top for Rave Festival Outfit
15+ Patterns Online

View on Amazon

12. Black Rave Shorts Set

Rave Festival Outfit and Burning Man Outfit with Black Shorts and Combat Boots
Sizes Up to XL

View on Etsy

13. Neon Crop Top

Neon Shirt Rave Festival Outfit
More Colors Online

View on Amazon

14. Rhinestone Jumpsuit

Coachella Festival Outfit and Rave Outfit with Rhinestone Jumpsuit and Diamonds
Sizes XS to L

View on Etsy

15. Light Up Fur Coat

Rave Music Festival Light Up Vest Hoodie
Sizes Small to X-Large

View on Amazon

16. Crystal Bodysuit

Burning Man, Coachella, Rave Festival Outfit with Silver Rhinestones, Tassels, and See Through Mesh
Sizes: Small to Large

View on Etsy

17. LED Rainbow Fur Coat

LED Light Up White Fur Coat for Music Festival, Rave Festival, and Halloween
Sizes: Small to Large

View on Amazon

18. Cow Print Rave Bra

Cow Print Pink Rave Bra Top
Sizes Up to DD Cup

View on Etsy

19. Skirt with Tassels

Rave Festival Outfit with Black Tassel Skirt
15+ Colors on Amazon

View on Amazon

20. Cute Sequin Silver Skirt

Cute Rave Festival Outfit with Silver Skirt
15+ Colors

View on Amazon

21. 2-Piece Tie-Dye

Tie Dye Rave Outfit
Sizes: Small to Large

View on Etsy

22. Sparkly Pink 2-Piece

Sparkly Pink Rave Two Piece Outfit
Sizes: Small to Large

View on Etsy

23. All Neon

Neon Orange Rave Festival Outfit
Sizes: 6-12

View on Etsy

24. Criss Cross Bodysuit

Purple Rave Festival Outfit Bodysuit with Buckles and Straps
Under $35!

View on Etsy

25. Sexy Backless Halter

Rave Festival Outfit with Sexy Backless Gold Halter Top
Perfect for a Festival!

View on Amazon

26. Mirror Dress

Rave festival outfit with mirrors
Image via Etsy.com

View on Etsy

This mirror bodysuit/festival outfit is so unique and sexy! 

27. Crystal Bodysuit

Rave Festival Outfit Crystal Bodysuit
Image via Etsy.com

View on Etsy

You will LOVE this bodysuit. Women say this rave festival outfit is beautiful, amazing, and just as pictured!

Rave Festival Accessories

Rave outfits call for glow-in-the-dark accessories, glitter, and fishnet tights.

Where to Buy Clothes for a Rave

Want to find more rave festival clothes and outfits? 

Below are the best places to buy clothes for a rave.

1. Amazon

Rave Festival Clothes on Amazon
Rave Festival Clothes on Amazon

Shop Rave Festival Clothes on Amazon


Plus Size Rave Clothes from SHEIN
Rave Clothes from SHEIN

Shop Rave Clothes on SHEIN

SHEIN is always great for buying cheap costumes and outfits. SHEIN also sells cute plus-size rave clothes.

Plus Size Rave Clothes and Rave Outfit for Women
Less than $15 on SHEIN!

View on SHEIN

3. Etsy

Rave Clothes and Rave Festival Accessories on Etsy
 Rave Clothes and Rave Festival Accessories on Etsy

Shop Rave Clothes on Etsy

Etsy has unique and creative rave festival outfits.

Etsy also has rave festival accessories like light-up nipple covers. 😳

Glow in the Dark Rave Festival Butterfly Pasties and Nipple Covers
Reflective Nipple Covers

View on Etsy

Rave Festival FAQs

Below are a few FAQs about rave festival outfits and raves.

What is a Kandi?

A Kandi is a beaded bracelet that many women wear at music festivals and rave festivals. Kandi bracelets are kind of like those beaded bracelets that you probably made at summer camp as a kid. 😊

If you want to wear a kandi bracelet with your rave festival outfit, you can buy a kandi bracelet kid on Amazon. Make matching bracelets for your friends too!

What is the dress code for a rave?

There is no dress code for a rave! Cover your private parts and you are good to go. 😉

What should a girl wear to a rave?

Many girls wear bootie shorts, mesh pants, and sequined skirts with tassels to a rave.

For the top, many women wear crop tops, sequin crop tops, shimmery crop tops, and bikini tops.

Many girls also accessorize a LOT for a rave. You’ll want to wear colorful sunglasses, sequins and glitter, and combat boots. Fishnet tights are also appropriate and common.


In conclusion, dressing up for a rave is all about having FUN! Feel free to wear sequins, fishnet tights, crop tops and swimsuit tops, glitter, and bootie shorts. Consider wearing your hair up in two space buns or consider wearing it down with wavy hair.

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Rave Festival Outfits You'll Love
Rave Festival Outfits You'll Love

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