DIY Stitch Fix Outfit with Red Top and Polka Dot Skirt


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Stitch Fix summer and fall date outfit with the red crop top, the black and white polka dot long skirt, and the black open toed heels that you can copy on Amazon online and DIY with how-to guide from Very Easy Makeup

Stitch Fix Fall Outfit with Polka Dot Skirt

Stitch Fix has cute outfits for late summer and fall.

If you are looking for a great Stitch Fix outfit that you can DIY, here’s everything you need to copy the fall Stitch Fix outfit that includes a girly red crop top, a long black and white skirt with polka dots, and black open toe heels.

Stitch Fix Outfit with Cute Red Top and Feminine Polka Dot Skirt  – Where to Buy Online

If you want to mirror the Stitch Fix outfit below, here’s where you can find similar clothes online!

Stitch Fix fall outfit idea and fall outfit with red crop top with ruffles, black and white polka dot skirt, black open toe heels, and medium black purse
Stitch Fix Fall Outfit Idea

Where to Buy Stitch Fix Fall Outfit Ideas Online and on Amazon

You can buy the Stitch Fix fall outfit 100% online from Amazon.

Here’s what you’ll need for the Stitch Fix outfit idea

1. Cute Red Crop Top with Ruffles for Fall

cute, short, feminine crop top in red with ruffles for a feminine shirt in the summer and a Stitch Fix fall or summer outfit idea
Red Crop Top Shirt w/ Ruffles

View on Amazon

This crop top from Amazon is red with ruffles on the sleeves.

For cooler fall nights, wear with a jean jacket over the top.

2. Black and White Polka Dot Long Skirt for Fall Outfit (to Copy Stitch Fix!)

Exlura Womens long, High Waist black and white polka Dot Pleated Skirt Midi Maxi Swing Skirt with Pockets
Long Black and White Polka Dot Skirt Similar to Stitch Fix Skirt

View on Amazon

Long, high waist skirts are comfortable, feminine, and perfect for fall. This polka dot pleated maxi swing skirt from Amazon gets great reviews and is less than $30!

Pair the skirt with a cream or white sweater for the cooler fall months and pair with cute brown booties!

cute brown, short booties with low heels and a bow and knot tie for a cute fall outfit
Cute Brown Booties for Fall

View on Amazon

These are actually one of my favorite booties to wear with skirts.

3. Small Black Purse Similar to Stitch Fix Fall Outfit

medium size black purse and satchel for fall 2020 Stitch Fix outfit idea from Amazon
Medium Black Purse: Zip-Around Classic Dome Satchel

View on Amazon

For less than $30 on Amazon, you can get a classy, medium sized black purse to match your red and black Stitch Fix outfit

This Zip-Around black purse is well made and has an optional shoulder strap too.

medium size black purse with gold details that includes a cross-body strap
Black Purse with Gold Accents and a Cross-Body Strap

View on Amazon

Alternative Black Purse for Stitch Fix Fall Outfit Idea – Shoulder Straps

Lola Mae quilted crossbody bag and shoulder purse in black similar to a Valentino purse
Black Cross-Body Purse for Fall Stitch Fix Outfit

View on Amazon

This purse by Lola Mae gets great reviews for being super cute and affordable. Plus, it looks like a Valentino purse!

Who doesn't love a good looking designer purse?

medium size black purse with gold chain for fall Stitch Fix outfit that is a Valentino knock off purse
Classy Black Purse for Fall

View on Amazon

4. Open Toed Black Heels to Match Fall Stitch Fix Outfit

open toe low black heels from Amazon
Open Toe Black Heels for Fall

View on Amazon

These open toed, black heels by DREAM PAIRS get great reviews for being cute, comfortable, true to size, and well made.

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Stitch Fix Fall Outfit idea with red crop top and black and white polka dot skirt by Very Easy Makeup
Stitch Fix Fall Outfit - DIY from Amazon

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