5 Best Work Bags for Women (Under $250!)


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I love a bright, cheerful work purse. I also happen to carry a LOT with me to work each day. Between lunch, healthy snacks, my water bottle, my makeup bag, and my daily calendar...I need a big purse!

Work backpacks are “in” right now, but I find them to be more cumbersome than being able to easily throw everything into a purse.

This fashion guide is all about the best work bags for women. And when I say “the best,” I mean only the best of the best. So I’ve limited this list to only 5 work purses to make things easy!

Continue reading for my top picks for a women’s work bag/purse. 

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

5 Best Women's Work Bags (All Under $250!)

I personally love having a black, a red, a brown/beige, and a white/cream purse for work.

That way you have purses that match most heels and go with each season.

Below are the best women's work bags that you can buy online.

1. Michael Kors Purse for Work

I LOVE my Michael Kors Jet Set purse. It’s big. It’s bright. It holds everything I need for work. Plus, I like the pockets on the side for holding my water bottle and cell phone.

Michael Kors Jet Set East-West work purse and large tote bag for work in bright red with pockets and a large interior for laptop
Michael Kors Jet Set Work Purse in Bright Red

View on Michael Kors

The sales director at work even complimented my purse one day!

You can also buy the Jet Set work purse by Michael Kors in black, brown, white, and brown.


The Michael Kors Jet Set purse is my #1 recommendation for the best work bag for women.

This work bag is under $200, it doesn’t show dirt, and it comes in so many different colors online!

Michael Kors light pink work purse
Image via Michael Kors

View on Michael Kors

2. Over-sized Faux-Leather Work Tote by Street Level

Reversible Faux Leather tote and work purse by Street Level at Nordstrom that is reversible in black/brown for a professional work purse under $50 and under $100
Faux Leather Work Purse

View on Nordstrom

If you want a neutral-toned work bag to fit ALL your work items (laptop, jacket, wallet, etc.), then check out the faux leather women’s work purse by Street Level.

This tote bag comes in neutral tones like black, brown, and ivory. Plus, this work bag for women is reversible!

The taupe/ivory color is my favorite.

This is the best work bag for women if you want a neutral-toned work purse.

3. Perry Leather Tote by Tory Burch 

Women's work purse and professional work tote by Perry Tory Burch that is a classy, leather work purse under $350 by a designer
Classy Leather Work Purse by Tory Burch

View on Amazon

If you are willing to splurge and want a designer work bag, check out the Perry Leather Tote by Tory Burch.

My favorite color is ivory. This work bag for women also comes in black and brown.

It’s a pretty purse, but it does lack compartments and extra pockets.

Note: This is the best luxury work purse, so it isn't under $200 (sorry!).

4. Madewell Zip-Top Transport Tote

Madewell Brown Medium Tote
Available in Brown and Black

View on Nordstrom

This simple work bag is a fantastic everyday bag for work. It's simple and attractive.

5. Le Pliage Shoulder Tote

Best Work Bag for Women
Under $200

View on Nordstrom

This shoulder tote was so popular among ALL the girls from New York when I was in college. This work bag for women is just so practical!

You will LOVE the zipper. Plus, this work bag for women is easy to wash and affordable. 

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