Stitch Fix Athleisure Outfit – Copy the Look for Less!


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Stitch Fix Fall 2020 athleisurewear outfits with blue North Face Jacket, yellow sweater, grey sweatpants, and white sneakers by Very Easy Makeup

Who doesn’t love comfortable clothes, especially for lazy Saturday mornings?

If you love the Stitch Fix fall outfit ideas and the Stitch Fix weekend athleisurewear outfits, you may love the Stitch Fix athleisure outfit idea below.

Stitch Fix Athleisure Outfit Idea with Yellow Sweater and Blue Jacket

Stitch Fix Fall athleisure outfit and weekend outfit idea with yellow sweater and gray sweatpants
Stitch Fix Fall Athleisure Wear Outfit

Continue reading to learn how to copy the Stitch Fix fall athleisure outfit idea without being a member of Stitch Fix!

You can find similar athleisure clothes online (from Amazon!) for less.

This post may contain affiliate links. View the disclosure here.

How to Copy the Stitch Fix Athleisure Outfit for Fall

Here’s how to copy the Stitch Fix athleisure outfit and weekend outfit idea for fall.

1. Buy a Yellow Crewneck Sweater to Copy the Stitch Fix Outfit

yellow and orange sweaters for casual Stitch Fix athleisure outfits and weekend outfits for fall 2020 by Very Easy Makeup
Yellow and Orange Sweaters for Stitch Fix Fall Athleisure Outfits

Classy Yellow Crewneck Sweater

Amazon Essentials yellow crewneck sweater for fall outfits with ribbing
Yellow Crewneck Sweater for Fall

View on Amazon

Simple Orange Knit Sweater/Long Sleeve Shirt

casual yellow knit long sleeve sweater for fall outfits by Stitch Fix
Orange Knit Sweater for Fall Outfits by Stitch Fix

View on Amazon

2. Buy the Blue Holladown Crop Jacket from North Face

jackets for Stitch Fix fall 2020 athleisure wear and athleisure weekend outfits with dark blue or black puffy warm jackets
Jackets for Stitch Fix Fall Athleisure Outfits by Very Easy Makeup

North Face Jacket in Stitch Fix Fall Athleisure Wear Outfit 

North Face warm puffy dark blue Holladown crop jacket for fall and winter Stitch Fix athleisurewear outfits
North Face Puffy Dark Blue Crop Jacket

View on Amazon

Alternative Down Jackets for Less on Amazon

3. Buy Light Grey Sweatpants or Joggers for Fall and Cozy Weekend Outfits

grey joggers and grey sweatpants online for fall 2020 athleisure wear outfits and fall Stitch Fix outfit ideas by Very Easy Makeup
Light Grey Joggers for Fall Athleisure Outfits by Stitch Fix

Light Grey Joggers for Fall Athleisure Look and Fall Comfy Outfits

light grey athleisure wear sweatpants and grey joggers by Danskin for Stitch Fix fall outfits
Light Grey Joggers by Danskin for Athleisure Wear Outfits and Casual Weekend Outfits

View on Amazon

Alternative Warm, Grey Sweatpants for Fall Cozy Outfits

Super Cute Grey Joggers for Fall

3. Wear Your New Stitch Fix Outfit with White Sneakers

white sneakers by Puma and Cole Haan for weekend casual outfits and casual white sporty women's walking sneakers for athleisure wear outfits by Stitch Fix by Very Easy Makeup
Casual White Sneakers for Fall and Winter Athleisure Outfits by Puma and Cole Haan

Cole Haan Women's Stitchlite Oxford White Sneakers for Fall Outfits

Cole Haan women's white sneakers for casual looks and white cute athletic shoes for wearing with leggings
Cole Haan White Oxford Sneakers for Fall Athleisure Outfits and a Casual Weekend Look

View on Amazon

Puma White Sneakers (Prowl Alt Sneaker) for Fall Outfits

P.S. Love sneakers? Check out these cute sneakers for all your athleisure outfits.

4. Add a Cute Tote Bag to Complete Your New Fall Outfit!

cute dark blue and yellow pineapple tote bag for grocery bag, large tote bag, gym bag, picnic bag, travel bag, and beach bag by ESVAN with zipper in dark blue
Cute Dark Blue and Yellow Pineapple Tote Bag

View on Amazon

This tote back is also perfect as a fun beach bag.

Or a Cute Backpack for Your Stitch Fix Outfit

cute backpacks online for women to wear with fall athleisure outfits and fall professional backpacks and fashion by Very Easy Makeup
Cute Backpacks for Women Online

Buy these Cute Backpacks Online from Amazon

More Affordable Fall Outfit Ideas

Check out the Very Easy Makeup Pinterest Page for more cute fall outfit ideas too!

fall 2021 outfits and fall outfit ideas on Pinterest by Very Easy Makeup
Fall Outfits on Pinterest and Fall Outfit Ideas for 2021

Fall Outfit Ideas on Pinterest


In summary, it’s super easy to copy the Stitch Fix athleisure outfit ideas on Amazon. All you need to do is to start looking for similar sweatpants, sweatshirts, and shoes on Amazon!

Have a Stitch Fix athleisure outfit that you want to copy with clothes on Amazon? Leave a comment below with a link to view it, and I’ll tell you what to buy on Amazon. 😊

More Stitch Fis Outfit Ideas

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Stitch Fix fall athleisure wear outfits and weekend outfit idea with grey sweatpants, dark blue Northface jacket, yellow sweater, and casual white sneakers by Very Easy Makeup
Stitch Fix Fall Athleisure Wear Outfit

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