15 Best Cruise Nails Designs and Cruise Nail Colors


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cruise nails and cruise nail designs and nail colors

Cruise Nails Perfect for Your Next Vacation

Whether you are heading off for a Caribbean beach vacation on Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Carnival, or Disney cruise lines – having the perfect cruise nails will make your vacation even better.

The best cruise nail designs and cruise nail colors are festive, fun, and flirty. There’s no reason to wear dark nail colors on a cruise.

This guide with the best cruise nails includes fun cruise nail designs to copy and the best cruise nail colors.

Best Fun and Festive Cruise Nail Designs

Below are a few of my favorite cruise nail designs, thanks to Pinterest!

Continue reading to read about my top picks of the best cruise nail polish colors.

1. She Sells Seashells by the Sea Shore

cruise nail designs with light blue nail polish and seashells
Image via Pinterest

2. Bitch I’m a Mermaid

funny cruise nail designs with mermaids and starfish
Image via Pinterest

You can copy this cruise nail design idea with these nail decal stickers.

cruise nail decal stickers with starfish and sailors
Summer Nail Decals Stickers

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3. Hello Mate!

navy blue and gold sailor cruise nail designs
Image via Pinterest

4. Fun and Cute Nautical Stripes

cute pink and green cruise nail designs
Image via Pinterest

5. Classic Red, White, and Blue

red, white, and blue nautical cruise nail designs
Image via Pinterest

6. Disney All Day Every Day

cute Disney cruise nail designs
Image via Pinterest

You can copy this fun cruise nail design idea easily at home! Just wear white nail polish with these fun Disney cruise nail stickers.

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7. Fun Flamingoes

flamingo cruise nail design idea
Image via Pinterest

8. Shimmery Sea

Cruise Nail Art Sea
Image via Etsy

View on Etsy

These sea-themed nails are perfect for a cruise!

The Best Cruise Nail Colors for Your Next Vacation

The best cruise nail colors are bright, festive, and fun. You can also go with the nautical theme and wear navy blue, red, and white.

1. Dark Navy Blue for Sailors

cruise nail polish color in dark blue
OPI: Abstract After Dark

View on Amazon

2. White for Smooth Sailing

white nail polish color for cruises
essie: Blanc

View on Amazon

3. Pop of Pink for Cruise Parties

bright pink nail polish color for cruises
OPI: La Pazitively Hot

View on Amazon

4. Light Blue for Beachy Waves

light blue cruise nail polish color
essie: In The Cab-Ana

View on Amazon

5. Fun Pink for Tasty Drinks

pink cruise nail polish color
OPI: Strawberry Margarita

View on Amazon

6. Bright Purple Just for Fun

bright purple cruise nail polish color by essie
essie: The Fuchsia of Art

View on Amazon

7. Cheerful Yellow

spring yellow nail polish color by OPI for cruise nail polish
OPI: Make My Daisy

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The Best Cruise Nail Designs and Colors
The Best Cruise Nail Designs and Colors
Cruise Nail Designs and Cruise Nail Colors
The Best Cruise Nail Designs and Cruise Nail Colors

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